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Astonishing benefits that a patient gets from Drug Rehab

Patients that have been drug addicts need first to prepare themselves to overcome the addiction. Once they decide to overcome the addiction, you need to know the importance and benefits of drug rehab. Drug rehab is the process of medical treatment for dependency on drugs or alcohol. The rehab centers follow the stair-step process that includes steps that are implemented to overcome the dependence on drugs. 

A drug rehab center involves The 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery to complete the treatment. Know the 5 stages of drug rehab:

  • Precontemplation

This is the first stage where the drug addicts are not interested in getting treated. The addicted person is known to become defensive and balance the usage of drugs and alcohol. In this stage, the recovery team helps the addict adjust the focus on good things and get to know the actual addiction consequence.

  • Contemplation

In the Contemplation stage, people become aware of this issue and spend time knowing its cause. The treatment team helps the addicts know about the cost and benefits of addiction treatment and motivate them.

  • Preparation

The preparation stage helps addicts to make a change. The treatment team helps the client to take action and not jump directly onto the action stage.

  • Action

In this stage, people start believing that they can change their addiction habits and start to take steps for recovery. This stage helps to gain knowledge, improve communication skills, and know the coping strategies. The client gets engaged in activities that can distract them from drugs and helps in good treatment and fast recovery.

  • Recovery/Maintenance

In the recovery stage, the client avoids temptations and triggers. People tend to think for recovery, and to ensure recovery, and the competent treatment team helps the client in managing recovery. 

Here’s Why Tamim, Mahmudullah, And Mustafizur Turn Down CPL Offer

CPL 2020 is just around the corner and it is one of the big events in international cricket. The CPL schedule is also set and the inaugural match is set on 19th August 2020. In the light of the corona pandemic, all the matches will be played in a single stadium in Trinidad and Tobago. While all the franchises have started preparing rosters, three players from Bangladesh have refused to play in CPL 2020.  

Tamim Iqbal along with Mahmadullah and Mustafizur have refused to play in CPL 2020 despite bagging lucrative offers. they have individually spoken to the media. It seems the three players share a common ground of not traveling abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When asked, Tamim replied that the situation is not ideal for traveling. It will be difficult for him to play when he will not be able to focus on his game. He also added that during this time, traveling to and from Bangladesh is a difficult task and is not a hassle-free option.

The premier fast bowler also shared similar thoughts on his reluctance to play abroad. In addition to that, Bangladesh will soon be resuming the domestic cricket and this impacted his decision alongside the pandemic situation.

It has also come to light that the three major players refused because of their family members. Mahmudullah admitted that he was close to signing a deal with the franchise. But he refused later due to his family members. 

On the other hand, Mustafizur would have played his maiden CPL tournament. The left-arm pacer had declined the offer. He said that the reason behind his action solely dependent on his national duty commitments. Moreover, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is planning to call a national training camp from mid-August. This will get realized if DPL doesn’t resume in the specified timeline.

Destruction of Collagen and Elastin Can Lead to Aged Skin

In this homepage article, we are going to talk about how the destruction of collagen and elastin results in aged-looking skin over a period of time. If you want your skin to look healthy forever, you must keep certain things in mind.

You have probably been told about some misconceptions regarding the health and the look of your skin. Many believe that collagen is an important constituent of the skin. However, the area of the skin that is visible to us is known as the epidermis and collagen is not an important part of the epidermis. It is however the main constituent of the dermis which is placed in between the subcutaneous layer and the epidermis.

The epidermis consists of about 4 or 5 layers, which depends on what part of the body, the skin is covering. These layers in turn are made up of four distinct types of cells. However, almost 95% consists of a not so commonly known protein called keratin.

There are 2 layers that make up the dermis, the elastin fibers, however, are present only in the lowest layer, which is near thickly packed fibers of collagen. Collagen fibers that are loosely held are present in the other.

Anti-aging skin products many times contain both collagen and elastin. However, for these skin creams to work towards reversing the aging, they have to go deep into these layers of the epidermis to be able to reach the dermis. It is even tougher for the elastin as it has to go through 5 epidermal layers. The whole concept behind these creams is not possible.

The structural complexity of these proteins makes it almost impossible to go through so many strata giving doctors the idea of putting it through with an injection. If such the topical application of such creams was to work, there would be no need for painful injections.

There is a logical explanation as to why the destruction or damage of collagen and elastin lead to aged skin. When these proteins are damaged, they lose their strength. The skin, therefore, loses its elasticity and cannot spring back into position after a significant amount of weight reduction.

As we grow older the subcutaneous tissue reduces in thickness which basically results in the same situation as when a person would lose fat. Therefore, with all of this happening, the skin begins to sag. This further results in lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin.

The biggest cause for this damage is free radicals, though inflammation and stress are not totally innocent. The best way our body can combat free radicals is with the help of antioxidants that are available in the market as topical creams. Anti-inflammatory remedies that can be put directly onto the epidermis are also available. Reducing stress is another issue altogether.

Speaking of skin that is rapidly aging and losing collagen and elastin and needs antioxidants and anti-inflammatory meds, you should seek out a company that specializes in the use of nanotechnology. Antioxidants are not going to penetrate these strata unless this kind of technology is used. Even vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

Lazarus the Financial Wizard 4

Loan administration procedures became so popular that people could get a loan for the mere asking. Every financial institution had the discretion to write off a certain percentage of loans as bad debts. Many customers enquired while applying about the quantum written off. On obtaining the information, they applied for a loan and tried to get it treated as non recoverable. The bank became busy not in developing business but in loan recoveries.

Lazarus made innovative reforms to raise revenue. One related to defective water meters. The meters provided to the consumers were tested and approved assuming pure water. They failed when water supply ceased. Air rushed in when pumping of water resumed. This caused fast rotation of the indicator needle and registered consumption levels as high as those of a five star hotel ., for an ordinary household. The bill was very high and unaffordable for the ordinary man. Compulsory levy of this amount brought huge revenue. Protest by the consumers resulted in disconnection which instilled fear in them. Some customers can do protest at this website of Green loan company to get less amount of interest rates with the installments. The protest should be done with intelligence of the users to get the amount available with real contract and in the bank account. 

In addition Lazarus asked for supplementary bills at frequent intervals. Payments preceded any response irrespective of the geniuses of the demand. The motto was “pay first , refund later”. Always the first operation alone prevailed.

Then was introduced a levy known as ” walkman cesss”.Every pedestrian except theses hospitalized for more than 6 months in a year had to pay a fee for using roads and bylanes. This covered every space outside the four meter limit of one’s house.An amount of $ 100 per year would bring $ 2 billion in a state with a population of 30 million assuming one third population is hospitalized and are children below 10 years.

Closely following this was the new levy known as sleep levy. Any citizen sleeping for more than five hours a day will have to pay $30 per month. Those who snored frequently had to pay penalty amounting to double the fee. He exempted all children below 12 years. 15 million citizens came under this tax net and the annual revenue was estimated at 540 million. The remaining 5 million paid a compounded rate of 100 dollars per year, yielding 500 million.

He set up a Sleep Control Department with Director General ( Sleep) assisted by a chain of officials with designations of Assistant, Deputy, Deputy Assistant, Assistant Deputy, Principal Chief, Assistant Principal Chief etc. Some one pointed out that the citizens might object to this proposal but Lazarus overruled the objection by saying that they would not mind paying this levy because we were enabling them to sleep well due to the vigilance of the law and order machinery.” Because we are active and vigilant, they are able to sleep.There is nothing without a price and in this case let them pay the price of sleep”/ He said.(To be continued)

Fifty Two Pounds Created a New “me”

I bought earrings when I went shopping. They were easy to buy, no trying on and no looking at my body in the mirror. One size fits all in earrings. I only started to buy clothes, when the new “me” emerged.

I would like to say it was easy to lose my weight. I had ballooned to over 200 pounds. My clothes were stretched to the limit, as I would not try on clothes to purchase. I was the jewelry collector for five years, until I decided that “enough was enough” and I took a firm hand in losing my unwanted pounds.

I am not a vain person, so looking in the mirror was not my hang up, as much as wearing the same clothes over and over again. Everyone has a favorite outfit, but mine was faded and stretched to fit the fifty pounds that I had managed to find.

Others were losing weight and exercising. I did not want any part of that, until one day, I finally looked in the mirror and really took stock of myself. I decided then and there, that the fad diets were not the answer for someone like me to lose weight. I needed a “program and plan”, and not a two week fix. I had tried the grapefruit diet, the banana diet, and even only white foods diet. All worked for a time, but you could not live on them very long. I took food supplements for a while, but they were so tasteless, that I usually did not drink them. I lost weight, but not from them, but just from the thought of having to drink them.

A friend, who really did not need to lose weight, asked me to accompany her to Weight Watchers. They turned her down, because you had to have at least five pounds to lose and she did not. I stayed for the meeting and the orientation. I liked what I heard and decided that this was the plan I needed to succeed.

It took me dedication, and perseverance, but I managed to stay on the program. As the pounds started to shed, I realized that throughout the years I had not gone about losing weight the right way. I never had a plan. I had a goal, but no plan.

The first thing I was taught is that no one should go losing weight alone. There are too many side tracks and we are all weak when it comes to food. Having support from others who were “in the same boat” was a plus for me. They cheered me on when I lost, and kept my spirits up when I did not lose. They were there when I needed to exercise and partnered with me to do some walking, etc.

The Weight Watchers plan might not be for everyone, but the most important thing I learned, was that I needed a well thought out plan to lose weight. I needed the support of others. I needed a conscience, and that was the weekly weigh ins. I needed to know that losing weight was not a one time affair. The plan that I accepted was a life long one. I definitely had to change my eating habits for life. I had to throw the frying pan out. I had to curtail the sweets, and know when I felt full to move away from the food. I discovered that I was an emotional eater. That meant when I got upset, I had to find something else to take the place of food for comfort. My portions, especially when I liked the food, had to be within set guidelines.

I kept my weight off for thirteen years. It found me again, because I was not paying attention to business. I am now trying to get twenty pounds off, but not the original fifty two pounds that I lost. I am back to my plan and know that when you lose the train of thought, you gain some weight back. Losing weight for me is a life long task, and I know that following a chosen plan and getting support will make for a healthier me. I like the me that I was, and I am trying to get there again. Wish me luck.

Apart from the hard work and dedication, I give much of the credit to leptoconnect, an excellent fat burner that helps you in getting rid of that extra flab surrounding the stomach that worked wonders for me that I had never expected of it and that is when I started recommending it to everyone grappling with weight issues.

What Will The Tiktokers Do After Tiktok Ban In India?

There has been some news that TikTok is about to be banned In India. Now, I know what you’re thinking. The people there are never going to let something like this happen. But apparently, they can/t do anything about it. Not all societies have that much control over the governing bodies.

But don’t worry because this is no reason to get all panicky. Just because TikTok is about to get banned does not really mean that people won’t be able to use it anymore. You know what you need to access TikTok again? Read on to find out.

VPN For TikTokers

This is the only way to go. You can trick your internet providers that you are actually from a place that is not India. By doing so, you will be permitted to access your TikTok app.

But there’s another problem. What if my phone cannot have a VPN? Well, we have another solution for that.

Use Bluestacks

For those of you who do not know, Blluestacks is a software that can be used to install and run phone apps on a computer. Take note that you need lots of memory to be able to use this. That’s because this is a software that is really big in size.

Once you do that, you download and install your chosen VPN into your computer or laptop. Create your account in Bluestacks. As you turn the VPN on, you will be able to download and run the TikTok app. Of course, you won’t be able to go live. You can just upload already recorded videos into your account. But this is just temporary. As soon as India retracts the banning of the app, you will be able to access it normally once again. But if not, you just have to make do with this. But there isn’t much to worry because most phones have VPN capability anyway. So, don’t be afraid and head over to your Tiktok video downloader now.

Harajuku Lovers By Gwen Stefani – Product Review

Harajuku Lovers Perfume was a perfume based on the youth district in Tokyo. This perfume comes in five fragrances music, Lil angel, baby, love, music, and G.On the Cosmetica Website Gwen states that Harajuku Lovers can be anything that inspires her…anything that she wants. The line is endless and is just going to continue to grow.

I think that this can be true in some ways. I did love the smell of all these perfumes, but the product size left this product for me a little in the undesirable category. These perfumes look like you are getting a large amount of the product when you are looking at the testers at the store. I thought for the price of $29.00 that this was not bad at all. I thought that this would be something that I could wear all the time because the fragrances were just amazing. This may be great for the average person, but do not be too quick to buy this item. You need to know what you are really getting. When I got home and opened the box that the perfume that I had just bought which was G. This one I think was supposed to represent Gwen. It had a wonderful coconut smell when I tested it in the store. The only problem was that this was what should have been the tester bottle and not the one that they had put as the testers in the store. It was 1/3 of the size of the bottle that I had seen and it was more a Kawaii themed plastic doll top. Now, this might be great for someone that collects the Harajuku merchandise and did not care much for the perfume, but I hoped for something that I could wear every day and instead, I got a plastic doll. That is what my $29.00 went to. Clearly I was very unhappy because if I used it every day in about two weeks I would have to buy another bottle. I think that is Gwen Stefani is going to continue to make a product that is an EU toilet perfume then she should sell a little larger bottles and less of the doll for the price that she is selling it at. I found this to be a waste of money.

The fragrances were stand-alone though. If you are willing to spend the $29.00 for this product then I do not think that is not a bad buy. I have to say that I did love all the fragrances. I could not say that was the main reason that I was disappointed because if I would have gotten a larger bottle I would have been satisfied. I think that this would be a great gift for a younger child because I think that the plastic doll would appeal to them more so than an adult. This is just something that you should consider before you buy Harajuku Lovers.

Do-it-Yourself Concrete Resurfacing

Do it yourself concrete resurfacing is an easy and inexpensive weekend project for most people who like to do home improvement and decorating projects on their own. The total cost and time needed will depend on exactly what concrete area you plan to resurface though, and how much existing damage there is will play into the overall cost and time needed. Some concrete resurfacing projects will require materials that others don’t.

If you plan to do a driveway with Stamped Concrete NH resurfacing project yourself, for instance, you may just need a basic concrete resurfacing kit that provides instructions and materials for filling cracks, patching holes, and applying the new surface material. If you’re resurfacing concrete steps, however, that has started to crumble, have corners missing, or have started leaning from weather elements through the years, you may need to do a bit of leveling and reinforcement work before you can do the resurfacing part of your project.

There are many areas inside and outside of a home that can be resurfaced with concrete too. Some people, for instance, like to have their kitchen counters resurfaced with concrete in decorative styles because it’s beautiful, affordable, and long-lasting. Other people have special concrete resurfacing done to the floors inside their home too, to make them look like mosaic tiles or brick. There are also concrete driveways and walkways, flower borders, swimming pool borders, and sometimes even the walls of a house are made of concrete too. All of these areas can benefit from resurfacing once in a while, to help them look brand new at a fraction of the cost.

In most cases though, do it yourself concrete resurfacing usually follows the same set of simple steps. The first step to any concrete resurfacing project is to buy the materials you’ll need of course. Since you’re doing the job yourself, you may want to look into buying a concrete resurfacing kit since these often contain all the materials you’ll need for the do it yourself project.

Once you have the proper supplies on hand, you’ll need to start with repairs. Concrete resurfacing can be done without repairing the existing concrete first, but it’s strongly advised against because the new resurfacing will not last long. By repairing cracks and holes, your do it yourself resurfacing project will look much better for many more years.

So repair any cracks in the concrete area you plan to resurface. Also, be sure to fill any holes, and repair broken areas too. Concrete steps for instance, sometimes have corners broken off over time. These often need to have holes drilled in them, and metal bars put into place to help hold the new surface concrete materials properly.

Some concrete surfaces will need to be leveled off before the resurfacing can begin too. If the land has moved under the concrete, it could have caused the original concrete surface to lean or buckle in various areas. Leveling these off first is part of the repair and preparation stage for your resurfacing project. Instructions will vary from one type of concrete surface to another though, so consult the do it yourself kit or refer to instructions from books at the library.

Idle Heroes – 4 Basic Steps To Master the Game

Build Your Wealth

One of the most important things that you should give importance and priority to when playing Idle Heroes is to build your wealth. At the beginning of the game, surely, the marketplace will offer you wide variety of items and it will be daunting for you ton choose what you need to buy. But as a beginner, it is important to be strategic when buying items. You should be aware of the things that you are buying and how much you are spending. Always focus on building up some wealth and refrain from purchasing items you don’t need.’

Acquire Your 5 Star Heroes

Next thing you have to focus on after building up your wealth is to get a team of 5 star heroes. This is one of the strategies that you need to prioritize in the game. This will help you to easily progress in the game. You can get heroes by simply registering. It can also be purchased in the market place or you may also consider buying them using your shards or coins.

Join Guild and Start Raiding

It is also very crucial to join a guild and start raiding. Once you join a guild, the team will no go an raids together and it will help you to earn coins so you can buy heoes, armor and other items. In addition, the more you contribute to boss fights and raids, the more loot you will be able to acquire.

Use Idle Heroes Guide

Lastly, for you to know more about the game, it is necessary that you check the basic guides on how to become a successful player. You will get all the advice that you need to master the game using the guide provided.

Best Progressive Reloading Press for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Beginners who are steadily gaining interest in shooting and gun firing must know about the reloading press. 

If you don’t, here is an entire guide for you – from what the reloading press is to suggestions for the best progressive reloading press for money.    

What is a Progressive Reloading Press?

A progressive reloading press is an equipment that will aid you in making gun cartridges at an extraordinary rate.

Shooting and hunting enthusiasts understand how much ammunition costs. But with progressive reloading press, one can synthesize their own ammunition at their houses which can eventually turn out to save a lot of money.   

The equipment may look a bit complicated to operate at the start, but once you get hold of it, you can make around 300-400 bullets every hour. 

A progressive reloading press can also support the functions of deburring and powder measurement. 

Choosing a Progressive Reloading Press

Beginners may start with single-stage reloading press wherein the focus is more on the quality of ammo and safety rather than the speed of making it. 

Also, the choice should be made based on the type of ammunition you use – whether you require shotgun shells or bullet cases. 

Also, assembling of the reloading press must be a simple process and must be given a top priority. 

Reloading rates, that is, the number of bullets that can be produced every hour is also a crucial factor. 

Best Progressive Reloading Presses for Beginners

  • Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press


  • Allows rapid switching of dies and quick calibre loading
  • EZlect system for reliable ejects 
  • Automated indexing system and case-activated powder drop 
  • Bushing system that has 5-stations which minimizes from 223 to 45 under 5 minutes
  • Easy to handle and use

However, this reloading press comes at a heavy price and also does not include the accessories.

  • Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press Kit


  • Affordable alternative
  • Calibre loading and changing is swift
  • Includes 5-stations bushing system
  • Appropriate for almost all standard dies 

Though cheaper than other options, it’s primer system and powder measurement system is inaccurate. 

  • Dillon Precision 650 Progressive Auto Indexing Reloading Machine


  • Promises lifetime warranty 
  • Ability to load more than 120 different types of calibres 
  • Uses a 4-stage reloading process 
  • Ability to produce almost 500 rounds per hour 

Although ranked amongst the best progressive reloading presses, it’s setup becomes a bit convoluted for beginners. 

Make a wise choice for a best progressive reloading press for the money you are paying for considering all the aforementioned suggestions.  

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