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Social Media Directions – Filed under ‘Social Strategies’

Sponsorship is brilliant for many reasons; supporting a great cause or event, building awareness of your brand with a new audience and changing opinions of your brand through affiliation.

When it comes to something as big as the World Cup, the link between sponsors and the main event can appear tenuous until you’re introduced to the “concept” behind the relationship through brand messaging.

For example, Coca Cola’s desire for people to celebrate goals with a beverage or McDonald’s customers being compelled to avoid or discuss the games in its diners during the tournament.

However, communicating these concepts is no longer a mere media-buying activity. International brands now have their social media channels to help them along the way…

As part of an upcoming report, I assisted our Senior Research and Insights Analyst Dominic Parker by taking a look at what brands were doing within social media in order to exploit their relationship with the World Cup. I was genuinely surprised at a lot of what was and, just as importantly, was not happening in social.

The graph below demonstrates Facebook activity by active international brands who sponsored the World Cup over a two week period covering the beginning of the event (4th to 20th June 2010). The X axis represents the number of World Cup related status updates published during this time and the Y axis the amount of fan engagement (Comments and Likes) of World Cup v Non-World Cup related status updates during this time. The preparation of the right strategy is allowed with the following of link to purchase the subscribers. The updates about the quality are provided to get the desired results in less time. The use of the intelligence id required to get large number of subscribers. 

The higher up the Y axis, the more fans engaged with World Cup related updates, compared with non-World Cup related updates. The top line of brands engaged solely on the subject of the World Cup during this time. The size of the bubbles denotes the number of fans a brand has.

You can clearly see here that many large brands are sitting in the bottom left hand corner of the table, meaning that they didn’t update their Facebook page with news of World Cup related activity and therefore didn’t receive any engagement from their large Facebook following.

This is symptomatic of a continuing trend within companies of operating in silos when it comes to online activity. Why spend millions on display advertising and creative if you’re not going to make the most of it online?

Working with the example of Facebook, why not post adverts as videos? Why not let people know about competitions you’re involved with even if they’re not taking place on Facebook? Why not just shout from the rooftops that you’re contributing to one of the biggest sporting events in the world? I’m by no means saying ram it down people’s throats, but if you have exclusive content and assets why wouldn’t you share them?

Every brand marketing campaign these days should think about social media’s role within it as a given. Campaigns peak people’s interest and encourage consumers to engage with companies on Facebook and other branded online spaces. The more people you encourage to Like, Follow or Subscribe to your content, the larger the audience you will have to talk to you when it comes to your next campaign. These are all basic points that many of you will be rolling your eyes at but when you look at working examples from large brands, they are often missed.

This would be a step up from simply “broadcasting” to customers, analysis of customer comments allows brands to utilise their online customer base as a focus group. Think about what that could save a company!

Making friends with customers in social media might be a struggle for some, but for those who’ve got the people there ready and waiting, the opportunity for social as a broadcast, engagement and insights tool is there to be grabbed. For some brands the World Cup is an opportunity missed, but it should also be a lesson learnt.

Treat Your Body Right With Natural Sweeteners

So via the bigthink blog( you’ve learned all about the effect of sugar on your body and emotions. You’ve also discovered the perils of artificial sweeteners. You may have even perused a few of the recipes for low glycemic index treats, hoping to indulge in a little dessert with the least amount of toxicity possible. Today we’ll go more in-depth into the wide and delicious array of natural sweeteners available at your fingertips. These can all be found at your local health food store and at Whole Foods.

Stevia is my top choice for adding sweet to your meal. Kaa he-he (”sweet herb”) is native to Paraguay and has been used as a sweetener for centuries, but was only just approved by the FDA for this use. It’s 10-15 times sweeter than sugar, so swapping it out with the white powder is definitely not a 1:1 correlation: use the internet for conversions. It is the ONLY sweetener that does not feed yeast and is, therefore, ok for use by people suffering from candida.

Some studies have shown that it actually has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar, as opposed to all the other sweeteners that create a spike and then a resulting crash…causing depression and weight gain, among other things. There is even evidence that Stevia significantly inhibits the development of plaque, so it may actually help to prevent cavities. For some, the taste is a little metallic, but you’ll get used to it quickly, and in all reality, it’s a small price to pay for being able to include such superhero food in your diet.

Agave is native to Mexico and harvested in from living Agave plants – the same ones that give us tequila. It has a light, neutral taste, making it ideal to function as more of a flavor enhancer in the same way sugar does. With a glycemic index of only 32-46, it’s processed fairly slowly into the bloodstream. Agave has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, and the Aztecs used it to treat wounds due to its antibacterial capabilities. Unlike maple syrup or brown rice syrup, Agave dissolves easily in cold liquids. Please get the raw kind, as it is unprocessed and therefore contains more vitamins and minerals.

Maple Syrup: A beautiful traditional food native to the woodlands of Northeastern America. The different shades of maple syrup correspond to the point in the season at which they were harvested. Maple syrup has a warm, round flavor and a pleasing amber color. It also has prebiotic properties: it helps probiotics (good bacteria) form in your gut. With a GI of 54, it is not an ideal sweetener to use if you are concerned about the stability of your blood sugar, but as an occasional indulgence, it’s fine. PLEASE make sure you get real maple syrup – there are a lot of phonies out there.

Honey: The image of honey brings to mind a hive lazily buzzing with bees, soft bears licking their paws, and a thick golden stream swirling into your teacup. Did you know that honey is also a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal? Note, though, that its nutritional benefits vary widely depending upon the quality. The pollen that collects on the bees’ legs offers phytochemicals from particular plants, and processing kills many of the nutrients, so it’s important to choose raw honey. Honey’s GI is 55 so it will create a spike in your blood sugar, but nowhere near that of sugar.

Brown Rice Syrup is made by combining brown rice and barley malt and cooking until the starch is converted to sugar. It contains all of the nutrition inherent in these ingredients, such as magnesium and zinc. A very thick syrup, it’s ideal for baking and has a distinctive yet easily overpowered flavor. Its glycemic index is 20 and it’s about half as sweet as sugar.

Branding Homework-Evaluating Favorite and Despised Commercials

The job search using traditional job boards, corporate websites and job fairs is becoming less effective with the success rate on the decline. Today, networking is the number one way people get jobs regardless of the economic climate.

I don’t know exactly why 6 years ago I thought it would be a good idea for me to go out and network with business owners. Well, yes I do. I think I knew that I wouldn’t retire from the company I worked for the past two decades. Maybe it was a self fulfilled prophecy. The fact is, with that experience behind me I’m ahead of 99% of the rest of those disenfranchised folks out there standing in the unemployment line.

I hear you thinking. So loud you think. Kate, why aren’t you out there networking to land a new job. Well, the answer is that I don’t know what position I would apply for. I really don’t want to return to Windows Active Directory migration death march land.

Frankly, I’ve dreaded this section on Branding because it forces me to present to the world what you want to be. Personally, I don’t think I ever got over wanting to be a cowboy/girl. Perhaps that’s where I made my first bad career choice. Horses or computers….

Right now I use job boards to see what companies are hiring and the types of positions are available. I must say I applied to a few that I wasn’t qualified for, yet wanted to see what would happen. Nothing.

I’ve been reading Dan Schawbel’s ME 2.0–4 Steps to Building Your Future. Dan is a personal branding guru for the Generation Y audience. I am of the Cold War audience and felt excluded so I purchased his book.

I wanted to know what secrets he was sharing with his generation. For the advertisement of the products, Instagram is the perfect choice. Why do people buy Instagram followers? The followers can be converted into loyal customers of the business. The sharing of the secrets of the latest products is possible at the platform. The number of followers is increased along with the likes and comments. 

Dan reiterates that now I am the commander of my career. I can tell he’s a list guy. Lots of bullets and numbered lists in the book. Really, he hasn’t drawn out anything here that is different from branding your own company. After all, that’s what this is all about. You are your business.

In the section on brand discovery he points out that there are three elements of personal branding.

  • A plan to differentiate your brand from the competition.

I’m all over # 3 and ready to put that into action. Can I do that without knowing the answers to #1 and #2? Nope.

So let’s do a little exercise in branding.

So think about some brands out there that you love and hate.

1) Here’s one that comes to mind immediately. Kind of funny considering…

I love the MAC commercial with the PC and MAC guy.The MAC guy is on the right, comfortably dressed, emotionally cool probably because he is very confident that he represents something that is far superior than what the PC guy represents. The PC guy is lovable, but he’s always falls way short of matching the MAC guy’s cool confidence. MAC never has to say anything. We all know what the message is.

2) I love Lance Armstrong and I love the message in this commercial. The Nissan Leaf with Lance Armstrong riding his bike behind it.

At the end you know what the message is “Innovation for the Planet…Innovation for All.” If you love the environment (or cycling) you know you are looking at your next car. By the way, Lance owns one too.

Now as for commercials I hate…

Any of the furniture liquidation commercials, especially the ones that have a guy yelling.

Any of the drug commercials. First they suck up a full minute of quality commercial time and what is it with the list of side effects that outweigh Webster’s Dictionary?

The two that come immediately to mind are “Viva Viagra” idiot commercial and the “E.D. in the Bathtub” commercials.

Honestly, what is the message here? TWO TUBS? How exactly is Cialis going to help this couple? Does he just flop on over to her side. Who thinks of this stuff?

Tonight’s homework. I’m going to write out what I think the BRAND message is behind these 3 commercials. Then I’m going to write down descriptors for things I like and dislike about each commercial. If I think it’s something cool, then I must value what’s behind the message. Perhaps there’s a key to my new ME in there. I can tell there are some messages that I would like to copy and some I want to steer clear of for my own personal brand.

Attempting To Stop The Smoking Of Marijuana- Follow The Methods!!

Intend to quit smoking marijuana for life? Are you tired of having no energy or effort because you smoke weed? You could have wanted to quit and attempted previously, however, you usually appear to end up getting stoned one more time. Duration of time sober does not appear to matter or exactly what your great intentions were. Relapse is actually a typical event with people attempting to stop smoking marijuana, but there are means you can prevent this from happening if you use the best program. You truly could quit abusing this controlled substance. Regressions take place for numerous reasons, plus particular scenarios, and you have the choice to lessen the dangers by recognizing the typical reasons that could activate a starting to smoke weed again.

In the event that you want to quit smoking marijuana, possibly one of the most vital variable is that you truly wish to live a life without using this drug. You need to take time merely as a result of exactly how you really feel, not making a person else pleased or other reason. If you are not quite all set, and also you attempt to quit smoking marijuana for the wrong reasons, a relapse is practically assured. Eliminating your cannabis usage can be very difficult simply due to desires and withdrawal signs that could happen, yet you could do it by using the appropriate mindset, or even the best decision and state of mind.

 Kratom in Florida is difficult for the consumers to stop smoking. With the consistent use, there is building of the habit and addiction. The treatment is required with the best facilities and results are provided as per the requirement. The withdrawal of habit is easy with the right technique. 

One more common trigger relapse would certainly be the friends you pick. Before you determine to stop smoking marijuana, your circle of pals had actually been all most probably pot lovers, currently when you want to obtain clear, the exact same circle of influence could trigger you to most assuredly relapse. To eliminate this possibility, you should uncover peers who do not use weed, so you do not fall into relapse. After that start taking some time to really stop smoking marijuana. Stress and anxiety is one more typical factor that activates one to relapse, so you must take actions to decrease your stress and anxiety as high as feasible. Dependence Disorder). Drug dependency could currently treated by different methods and also specifically efficiently via a closed in-patient drug rehab program.

Several drug rehabilitation centers have actually recently sprung up with the aim of giving a means of recovery and recuperation due to the fact that of the high incidence of drug-related offenses. Although there are many inpatient drug rehab focuses to choose from, recognizing what to try to find makes a substantial difference between success and failing. When trying to find a solution to your problems with compound dependancy, it is crucial to consider the aspects that make an exceptional addiction treatment facility.

You must guarantee that the medical center adheres to all the standards of the worldwide clinical community setting. If a given center could not provide the necessary files to show their legitimacy, then you had better look for an additional.

You must evaluate the expense compared to the high quality of the solutions that a particular center could provide. In some situations, it pays to invest a little bit more if you get to take pleasure in far better centers and greater service degrees.

Marketing Myths: Social Media Marketing is Easy

Absolutely, there are people in many roles who think social media marketing is easy, quick, and intuitive. Their company has chosen an intern or the youngest person in the firm to be in charge of social media marketing, expecting that the work will be done in that individual’s spare time (between other tasks). Some of the characteristics of this approach to social media marketing – the easy version, if you will – are the following:

  • Social media is handled in isolation from the regular marketing team, the sales team, and the customer service team.
  • The company decided arbitrarily to post twice daily (weekdays) on each of four platforms:
  • The content of the posts is the same, including the same wording, except that more pictures are posted on Instagram and Pinterest. This company is a professional services firm.
  • All posting is done at 2:00 pm Central time.
  • Topics are chosen at the whim of the individual managing the social media accounts
  • Posts are typed into a platform off the top of the poster’s head and then copied and pasted to the other platforms.

A far more successful approach to social media marketing does the following:

  • The firm hires an agency or individual with knowledge and experience with social media marketing. Or they choose someone in the firm with a passion for telling the corporate story and send that person to intensive training in social media marketing. So How many Instagram views do you want to order? Click here to know more about it. 
  • The social media expert immediately schedules a knowledge sharing and planning meeting with at least the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Sales Officer (CSO), chief public relations officer, chief customer service/customer care person, customer loyalty specialist, Chief IT Officer, and all members of the sales, marketing, public relations, and customer service teams. The goals of the meeting are:
  • Understand the responsibilities of each group or individual
  • Understand how social media can be used to extend the reach of other departments in broadcasting company information and listening to the voice of the customer.
  • Understand how social media can be used to help prospective customers make their way along the path to purchase, assist the customer in using the product or service purchased, understand additional ways the product or service can be used, assist with any difficulties the customer experiences with the product, keep the customer happy, provide incentives for future upgrades or additional purchases, build customer loyalty, and deliver meaningful rewards to loyal customers.
  • Discuss how social media marketing can be used to assist other departments or teams to gather needed customer, target audience, or competitor information and insights.
  • Provide helpful information to customers and prospects that will nurture them toward either purchase or brand loyalty.
  • Engage the customer in ongoing conversations, insights, information, etc.
  • Establish a schedule for future update meetings of the group.
  • Map processes that will facilitate inter-departmental sharing and cooperation in the future.
  • Research the target market(s) to identify their interests, concerns, needs, and goals.
  • Research and identify the social media platforms most used by the target market and current customers.
  • Monitor the identified platforms to identify:
  • The tone and topic of conversations
  • The peak times of day when conversations relevant to the firm occur
  • The days of the week when conversations occur that are relevant to the firm
  • Key influencers of the target market on each platform

  • The kind of information shared and clicked through on by the target group
  • Create a posting schedule for each platform – when are people most likely to share, like, comment upon, or click through on posts
  • Research other companies in the industry in order to know what they are doing and what is working on social media.
  • Research all competitors to understand how people feel about them, what they like and do not like about them, what they are doing on social media, and how it connects with other marketing and PR efforts.
  • Research to understand what the market thinks about the firm, its promises, products, services, value proposition, etc.
  • Develop an integrated content strategy and plan to provide the information prospects and customers want, to start conversations that will engage the audience, and to provide incentives and rewards.
  • Identify the best person in the firm to write the informational pieces needed. Ask the best person to write the needed content and, if necessary, identify someone who can help with the writing.
  • Create the communication and management processes and programs to ensure content is created on schedule and that postings occur on time unless pre-empted by an emerging issue or customer concern.
  • Create a style sheet for each social media platform and distribute it to all writers.
  • Adapt or work with others to create a corporate style sheet

Only when these pieces of the process are in place (and perhaps a few others) is the social media expert ready to begin posting to social media platforms, ensuring that the right content is in the right format and tone for each platform and posting it at the optimal time for the desired customer response. Finally, the social media leader will need to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of each post and make appropriate adjustments.

Can You Still Make Good Money From Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing has a bit of a bad name in some people’s minds, because of all of the scam sites telling you how rich you can get if you just buy their secret formula for $9.95.Most of that stuff is nonsense, or it’s based on information going back to a time years ago when there was thousands of times less competition. The truth is this, you are battling with the world for a piece of the global pie, and it’s never been harder, but at the same time, it’s also never been easier to make at least a small amount of money.Almost everyone in the world who has a credit card also has an internet connection and apart from those who search in another language almost everyone is using Google, Facebook and You Tube. There are millions of people making websites and blog posts and You Tube videos and all sorts of things competing for the organic search on Google.There are also millions, or at least hundreds of thousands of business owners using Google Adwords to find their customers. The competition on Google is pretty hard, but if you get how it works, you can still rank your site or make a profit through ads, but you have to do everything right.

It’s the same with the social media sites, you have to know what you’re doing and why or you could just be pouring money down the drain.When I first started out in internet marketing, I had no money, so I had no money to lose, which I’m fairly glad about. I started off making a dollar a day my first year, just writing articles like this, and I commented on other writer’s articles, read what they had to say, and I learned.I searched for the meanings of words on Google, I found the Warrior Forum , and after a couple of years I knew enough to put together my own site.I’m really glad I learned about SEO first, because there was a lot to learn, and I wouldn’t have found it easy at all and might have made some serious mistakes that permanently damaged the ranking of my site.I’m now making fifty dollars a day, running my social media marketing services site and other things, managing people’s Facebook page and Twitter following and all that.Based on the trends I see, that’s likely to double by next year, or definitely the year after, and I expect to be making hundreds of dollars a day in the next five years.Generally speaking, that’s how it goes. You have to learn a lot, and there is a steep learning curve, but once you understand what you need to do, and you work hard and do it, you will start to see the money come in faster and faster.

You don’t want to spend too long learning before you start doing, but not all of what those squeeze pages are selling you is a scam, you need to know some of what they’re teaching you, even if they’re only teaching you how to do what they do by showing you.I’m not really into building lists from squeeze pages, I have a list of followers, fans and friends on social media, but I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be building an email list, or a list of some kind, it’s the best way to capture traffic and get a chance to sell something to them over and over again.There’s too much stuff to go into just about that one thing, building a list, and there’s tons of other things like all the different ways to get website traffic but the point is that if you stick at it, it will eventually start paying off in a big way, but it might not happen as quickly and easily as some people like to make out.

This is the reason that has resorted users into Buying YouTube Views just for the sake of getting some cheap pops and a subscriber base despite website traffic being a prevalent issue due to the increase in number of social media platforms and users across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marijuana Investment Conferences (MIC) is an opportunity for investors to meet entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that are looking for funding to establish or scale their legal marijuana businesses.

Is MIC looking to legalize marijuana in Texas? No. We are not looking to become politically active in lobbying to legalize the purchase or sale of marijuana or related products whether it be on a local, state or federal level. We are the financial side of the already legal marijuana trade in the United States trying to bring investors and businesses — both current and future — together.

What is your position on the legalization of cannabis in Texas? We are in favor of legalization of medical and recreational marijuana throughout the entire country. But our conference is about the financial and investment aspect, not the legislative or policy aspect.

What kind of companies do you expect to be at MIC? We expect to see marijuana growers and retailers as well as a wide variety of industry support companies – whatever companies are needed to run a legalized marijuana-based business. This includes accounting services, advertising and marketing, banking and payment processing, consultants, hydroponic and cultivation production, infused products and edibles providers, insurance, packaging, paraphernalia, private equity and investment resources, training, security systems, software, point-of-sale system and testing and lab services — whatever companies that will be involved in the growing, harvesting and selling of legalized marijuana.

What kind of investors do you expect to be at MIC? We think most of the investors will be individual angel investors. We received interest from venture capital and private equity funds, single family offices (SFO) and other financial intermediaries.

What kind of vendors do you think will attend MIC? We are talking to several financial intermediaries about attending or sponsoring. While we don’t expect vendors of operations-related products and services to be exhibitors, these firms might attend in an entrepreneurial role seeking investment or additional investment. That said, this is a rapidly evolving industry and a lot could happen between now and September.

Will any vendors be selling marijuana at MIC? No. Since marijuana is not legal to possess or sell in Texas, no contraband or related marijuana paraphernalia will be allowed at MIC.

What will the MIC format be? Currently, this is a work in progress, but we anticipate a day of breakout sessions with different companies pitching their ideas and businesses to investor attendees as well as investors telling entrepreneurs what they look for in an investment. We hope to include various marijuana-focused funds who can speak about their investment criteria and target metrics. This is a meeting of minds that will be beneficial to both investors and businesses alike.

What subjects will be discussed at MIC? Since the legalized marijuana is such a new industry, these sessions are geared to teach the entrepreneurs what investors are looking for and what they expect. Depending upon our responses and accepted invitations, we may expand this portion of the Conference to include entrepreneur workshops to help future business owners with setting up corporate structures and exit planning.

How big is the legal marijuana industry now and how much growth is anticipated over the next few years? The Huffington Post recently predicted that the marijuana industry from 2013 to 2014 is poised to grow faster than smart phones with $1.43 billion worth of legal marijuana sold in 2013 and projecting that figure to grow by 64 percent, to $2.34 billion next year. Compared to smart phones which expanded by 46 percent from 2012 to 2013. Further, the article quotes Steve Berg, a former managing director of Wells Fargo Bank and editor of the second edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets report who said, “Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries. Domestically, we weren’t able to find any market that is growing as quickly.” We think that now is the best time to be in the legalized marijuana business – both as an entrepreneur and as an investor.Given the above points, it can be theorized that the marijuana industry is going to thrive for a longer period in the times to come once it is legalized fully and is a good source of medicinal treatment for both humans and animals for body issues that might be good news for cat lovers as CBD Öl für Katzen im Test is a popular way to test it on cats without doing any damage.

Fall Gardening Tips to Prepare for the Winter

Megan Gates is an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to Long Island Rental Properties and homes, Suffolk Vacation Rentals, home improvement, and the latest architecture, design, and fashion. And help you figure out answers to questions like Do You Really Need a Leaf Blower Vacuum? Follow her on twitter @MEGatesDesign.

Preparing a vegetable or flower garden for the chilly winter months is an important task. As the fall approaches, you should consider your approach to protecting your plants from the winter’s freezing temperatures. Many plants are not capable of making it through the winter months without protection, so you must prepare them. While you tackle the chore of winterizing your plants, you can also take care of other home and garden tasks to get a head start for the spring.

In particular, herbs must be winterized in order to survive the winter in most parts of the country. Most people choose to uproot smaller plants, like herbs and house them inside in pots during the fall and winter months. Once the season is over, these plants can be returned to the garden outside.

Other plants in need of winterizing, like roses, are not so small and may not be easily taken inside. While gardeners and even plant experts often varying in their treatment of roses throughout the winter, most recommend at least adding additional soil around the base of the plant to provide additional warmth for its roots. Adding a non-soil component, like mulch, may provide even more protection.

The third type of plant that needs care during the winter months is the vegetable garden. By the time fall hits, many of the spring and summer vegetables will have run their course. After cleaning up the remainders of these plants, you may choose to plant some of the fall vegetables, such as peas, lettuce, gourds, and greens. Even if you do not decide to plant fall vegetables, a vegetable garden that has been cleaned out will be easier to start in the spring.

It’s best not to forget your lawn and other seemingly robust plants, though. While the changing of seasons and the falling multi-colored leaves that it brings may look beautiful, a layer of dried leaves on your lawn and garden is not healthy for plants. Make sure to schedule periodic times to rake the leaves from your yard so that the leaves do not spend much time covering the lawn. While you tackle this project, also take the opportunity to care for your garden and grass. Weeding in the fall will help you have a better start to the spring planting season – and is certainly easier to do in the fall than in the colder winter months.

One final fall project is to start or continue to feed a compost pile. Composting is an environmentally friendly and easy way to develop moist, healthy soil ideal for a range of plants, herbs, and vegetables. Beginning or adding to a compost pile in the fall gives it plenty of time to develop, ensuring that you will have plenty of ideal soil ready to go for spring planting.

Firewalls Software and Hardware

Internet Firewall explained so that you know about free and personal firewalls. 

A firewall acts as a sentry between your computer and its files and the WWW, the world wide west, err, I meant web. A firewall monitors the network traffic between your computer and the Internet making sure the only traffic that goes between your computer and the Internet is in fact the stuff you want to send and receive.

It doesn’t prevent viruses or other nasties from being downloaded, that’s the job of virus protection software but it does prevent hackers from being able to take control of your computer while you surf web sites. Yes, it can and does happen! Yes, you can. There are many good firewalls available for no cost.

The main consideration is setup. I recently asked a friend if he had a firewall. “Yes “, he replied confidently, “and it was free “. So when I next visited him I asked if I could have a closer inspection of his firewall. 

Well, to both his and my amazement we ran some simple tests. Yes, he had a firewall but it was not set up correctly. The setup instructions consisted of some help files and were not adequate to set up the firewall. A simple test showed that the ‘firewall’ in its default setup leaked his email address and did not prevent some spyware from sending information across the Internet. Was it free? Yes. Did it work, almost! 

That isn’t to say that you won’t be able to get a free firewall, you will. But like anything free what will you do when it doesn’t work? Where will you get updates when it fails? 

How much is your computer/laptop privacy filter effective and what is the worth of your privacy? I will leave you to answer these questions. I consider a good Internet Firewall essential. Check and be sure your network remains safe. Stay Ahead of Hackers – Zone Labs is the company that sells one of the best computer security programs on the market.

They also have spyware protection, anonymous surfing, or spam protection products. Their site has a lot of information on the topic of keeping your computer safe. Eagle Discounted Software – Eagle sells greatly discounted Brand Name firewalls.

Definitely worth checking out their latest specials. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products – Kaspersky Lab is a top anti-virus company. They also lead with their advanced anti-virus technologies. They produce anti-virus defense systems for all kinds of computers including workstations, file servers, and application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls, and Web servers. So you can keep one computer safe or a whole business worth of computers safe with their products.

Fast weight loss diet

So you want to lose weight on a fast weight loss diet? The first priorities you have to set are to make sure that the fast weight loss diet is healthy and complete and Nutrisystem can help you with that. You do not want to lose weight by jeopardizing your health this will only cause more complications. First, you will want to be sure that the fast weight loss diet is low in fat and that it includes a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The most low-fat fast weight loss diet program is approximately 1300 calories. In order for the fast weight loss diet to work, you will have to take with you the items you are going to eat at work or while you are out of the house.

This means you will eat 4 or 5 small meals a day rather than sitting down and consuming large portions only 2 to 3 times per day. You need to pack plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables so you can eat them instead of fatty food or at the vending machine because some of these products can consume your total calorie intake for a day at one meal. Try and not make the fast weight loss diet to specific so you get bored with the foods you allow yourself to eat.

Also eating foods at a slower pace will help to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to include low-fat dairy products plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, skinless chicken, fish, and other low-fat meats and beans. Be sure that you avoid food that is high in fat and if you have a bad sweet tooth you will need to cut back as much as possible on these items.

You do not want to cut out all the sweets because if you do your body will crave the sweets and if you break down you will probably overeat these foods and blow your diet for that day. Most people in today’s society do not get enough fruits and vegetables so when you go on your fast weight loss diet this is an area where you can improve. Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is good it will help with not only your fast weight loss diet but also all kinds of other health-related issues. This is what a person’s breakfast may look like if they are on a fast weight loss diet.

You can have a glass of orange a glass of water a bagel with some fruit or yogurt instead of butter or margarine. This will be satisfying and should fill you up and also it will have all the food groups and a good source of energy to get the morning jump. For lunch, you can have a salad and a sandwich made from low-fat meat or tuna and some green tea so you get those antioxidants that are so helpful do not forget to include a fruit you enjoy for dessert.

Dinner may consist of around 3 ounces of low-fat meat or skinless chicken, pasta or corn cooked and a small salad be careful with salad dressing they can really destroy a fast weight loss diet. Be sure to allow yourself to snack between meals because you do not want to gorge yourself because you are starving or end up at the vending machine and end up eating a bag of high in fat chips.

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