Training Skills- Muscle Power

Have you heard about Rauno Rikberg? It is a name that all gym savvy individuals would be familiar with and those that have heard enough about his reputation would give anything to make him their personal trainer.

Health is an important factor that governs our well-being and we have to take good care of our bodies. It can be done by eating healthy food and drinking pure, clean water, and breathing clean air.

The problem is that all three are replete with pollutants, which is a major cause for many people taking to illness like sitting ducks right from a young age. Luckily, Rikberg, the Estonian wonder has made it his mission to make other people aware about the importance of good health and physical training.

Training Thesis

Being an accomplished personal trainer himself, getting a master’s degree in physical culture from no less than the University of Tallinn, his style of training is unorthodox and enjoyable where he makes everyone comfortable around him with his friendly nature.

He opines that it isn’t necessary to sweat it out lifting heavy weights for hours as simply an hour’s worth of exercise and good dieting is enough to get a big muscular frame instead of the rippling, bulging muscles that many youngsters are obsessed by.

His training course includes informal training about health and nutrition where he stresses the importance of what not to do while training and what all food not to eat or drink to keep not just in good shape but healthy as well.

What sets him apart from other personal treenerid Tallinnas is that he concentrates much more on late bloomers that learn at a slow and steady pace and might not be quick to understand the basics of training.

If you want to have sound physical and mental health with a stable mind without any stress, you need to look up Rikberg online and get to learn about his training.


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