Tow Your Own Vehicle with these Tips

Towing your vehicle is not an easy task and it requires careful and accurate process. Any mistakes could lead to an unfortunate scenario which is damage on your vehicle. Hence, it is important to be careful, take safety precautions and to use the right tools when towing your car. There are several options to tow your car. But you need to determine your specific requirement and needs first before choosing the right option. One of the common ways to safely tow your own vehicle is to use a trailer.

This option will tow your vehicle while all four wheels are off the ground. This option is commonly used because it works well for any kinds of vehicle no matter if its rear wheel drive, front wheel drive or four wheel drive. The next option that you can consider towing your car safely is through the use of a tow dollies. In this option, only the front wheels of your vehicle are off the ground. One of the common misconceptions about this option is that the transmission will be damaged. But since you can tow a rear wheel view drive vehicle using a tow dollies, such misconception is not possible. Another choice for towing your vehicle safely is by using a tow bar. A tow bar is a triangle shaped device with a set of ridged bars. To use this, attach one end to the ball hitch on the vehicle’s tow and the other need to the car’s bumper. Tow dolly is also commonly used because the vehicle is off the ground when using this. Lastly, you may also opt to use a drive haft coupling device. This is usually used for vehicles with automatic transmission.


Knowing how to tow your vehicle safely will give you less stress. 


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