Tips On Looking For An Adoption Attorney

There are several legal matters that need to be settled when trying to adopt a child. This is where the adoption attorney comes in. Adoption is a very lengthy process. It is expected that we might get frustrated or confused at some point. Having an adoption attorney can help keep us in the know about our legal rights and options as well as provide assistance in smoothing out rough legal patches that we might encounter along the way. Here are a few things you should know when choosing your own adoption attorney.

  • Ask how much the attorney charges for his/her services. Don’t be afraid to ask for an itemized list of costs or what certain charges cover. Ask for clarification when you don’t understand what a certain fee is there for. Try to assess if the rates are reasonable.

  • Conduct a background check. Find out what types of adoption cases they have undertaken. Ask how many adoption cases they usually handle in a year, or how many they have worked on so far in their career. Inquire about the services they are able to provide. It would also be helpful if you know some of their past clients whom you can interview. Check if the attorney has ever had any disrupted adoptions and see why. Find out if there have ever been any complaints or lawsuits filed against them. Just like hiring a personal injury attorney Baltimore md, you should be very meticulous so you can have a good lawyer. Most importantly, make sure that the attorney you are interested in working with is duly licensed.
  • Try to find out how involved the attorney gets with birthparents when handling adoption cases. It is usually better when the attorney maintains active interaction with the birthparents.
  • Referrals by family, friends, judges, or adoptive parent support groups are a great way to find a trustworthy adoption attorney. You may also seek the assistance of your State Bar Association.
  • You can never ask too many questions. Being well – informed is the key. Discuss all your concerns and issues.
  • Never hire a lawyer who says that they charge upon the first meeting, even before you’ve decided to hire him/her.
  • When interviewing a potential lawyer, choose to meet at his/her office. It’s one way to learn more about their operation and the kind of resources they can offer you.
  • Before a session or consultation, think ahead of the all the questions you want to ask and be prepared with all the necessary documents that the attorney might need to help you with your case as most of them usually charge by the hour.
  • A good adoption lawyer lets you know that they are available to assist you even outside normal business hours.
  • Be wary of anything that sounds too inexpensive, promises of getting quick results, or guarantees that seem too good to be true.

  • The adoption process is going to take a long period of time. Try to find an attorney who has a pleasant personality – someone who you can see yourself working with for the next several months, possibly even a couple of years.
  • Trust is a very important factor. Choose someone that you feel comfortable sharing confidential information with. Listen to your instincts, if you feel that something is a little “off”, it would be better to look for help someplace else.
  • Consider the type of adoption you wish to pursue. Ask the attorney about his/her views on the different types of adoption and their experience with these different types. Try to look for an attorney who is very much experienced with cases similar to yours. Make sure they share the same views with you regarding adoption issues.