The Love And Care For Rabbits:

Rabbits as pets in our can prove to be a fun addition to the family. The owners keeping them have a long term commitment as they tend to live 8 to 12 years. The rabbits are pets that are liked by all and exceptional. Here are the primary points that show how to take care of a pet rabbit. 

Safe Indoor Housing needs to be set up: The rabbits can live freely in a bunny proofed room or rooms, puppy pen, large rabbit cage or in a bunny condo. The space provided should be large enough so that they can hop around. The rabbits should be allowed to stay out of the pen for a few hours each day for exercise. The space provided to the rabbits should be close enough for the family room or living room.

Protect the house:  Usually, rabbits have a habit of running and exploring around the house and hence one needs to be extremely careful while keeping the things which can harm these little pets. The owner needs to create space for them to move around; they also need to protect the thing and to make the place bunny free. One can cover the wires with plastic sleeves or lift them to make it out of reach of rabbits else it can be harmful to the home as well as pets.  

Providing Fresh Hay: The main diet of rabbit contains fresh hays that should be provided at all time. Young rabbits should be fed with alfalfa while an adult with timothy hay, grass hay or oat hay.

Fresh Water and green fibre-rich Pellets:  Beside hay, the rabbits should be provided as supplements like fresh vegetables, fibre-rich pellets and clean water daily for their healthy life. One should also check and find out whether can rabbits eat Kale?