Surviving When Ending an Online Relationship

An online relationship takes time and dedication to work. You’ll share about your lives and ponder the future, together. Some online relationships will move forward and have years of happiness together. Other online relationships reach a point, where one person has to speak up and say “it’s not working”.

If you find yourself in a online relationship, that’s not working for you, it might be time to tell the other person. Before ending the relationship to quickly, take some time to think things through. If you’re upset or angry about a recent conversation, take a little break and then talk to the other person. If you think this online relationship as a whole is not working for you, then it’s time to end it.

When you decide to end the online relationship, you need to let the other person know. It’s not a good idea to just delete and block the other person. They will want an answer and often find a way to contact you. By that time, they will be really confused and angry. It’s hard to have a rational conversation at that point.

Using your usual form of communication, you need to let them know. If you usually email, then prepare a well thought through email. If you usually instant message, then prepare what you will say. If you are using instant message or even the phone, make sure the other person has time. If they will be leaving for dinner or something soon, ask them for a good time that they can talk.

Try to keep the conversation short and to the point. Adding a lot of details, leaves time for you to begin doubting yourself. You don’t want to send mixed messages. Begin your conversation with positives. Talk about what this relationship has given to you and the times you really enjoyed. Then, talk about what is not working for you in this relationship. Avoid the blame game. If you feel the need to blame the other person, take a portion for yourself. Blaming the other person will put them in the position to defend themselves, often resulting in an argument.

You should be prepared to answer their questions. They’ll want to know what they did wrong. They might want more details as to why, you feel as you do. Don’t avoid their questions, keep the answers short and to the point. Be prepared for them to ask to remain friends. This can be a tricky question to deal with while breaking up. Be animate that you need a long break from the person. If you truly think you could be friends with the person at some other time, write a form of contact on a piece of paper. Put that information somewhere you won’t see it everyday or forget you have it, like a thick book that’s out of reach. Give yourself a few months to move on with your life before deciding if you want a friendship.

As the conversation comes to a close, let them know you will delete their information from your computer. You may ask them to do the same, however, they may not. By deleting them, your unable to contact them when you feel a little lonely or guilty. If they contact you, refrain from replying. You don’t want to send mixed messages to the other person. Also, you don’t want to keep those feelings on the surface, so you become unable to move on.

Ending any relationship is never easy. Talk to a trusted friend or relative after breaking off a relationship and then move on. Don’t sit around giving yourself time to think, wonder and doubt your choice. Call up a friend and get out of the house for a while.

In conclusion, online relationships are typically farce as there are numerous fake profiles lying in wait in the virtual world of social media on the lookout for unsuspecting victims to put them in a compromising situation and blackmail them accordingly, although tampa web design has suitable features to watch out for such unwelcome elements.


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