Steroids- Facts That People Tend To Ignore

It is impossible to say exactly when the world sprung into being as we know it today. We have read in our schoolbooks about how a hard ball mass in the form of a black hole exploded and which formed the universe with numerous galaxies, asteroids, meteorites, stars, constellations and planets.

Earth is the third planet and the only one, till date, that has life on it which comprise of human beings and animals. There are 3 genders that you’ll find among the lot: male, female and transgender. The last one cannot be characterized in either category and therefore is taken as a mixture of both.

Boys and girls are always engaged in fierce competition in different fields which has been going on since ages. If we remove academics, both sides are suckers for good looks and especially for a well-built, chiseled physique which they thrive to have, ironically, to cast a lasting impression on the opposite sex.

The boys, especially, are prepared to go to any extent to get that well built frame and one of them is steroids.

Steroids are basically drugs that are considered the shortcut way to get a good and muscular body with little effort and hardwork. It is mostly common amongst professional wrestlers who cannot survive without it.

Certain things that people ignore about steroids are as follows:

  • Cortico Steroids are for treating medical issues while anabolic steroids are to increase testosterone levels for which youngsters are prepared to kill just to satisfy their sexual desire.
  • Anabolic steroid can be purchased only through doctor’s prescription

  • Crazybulk Canada, a leading brand for steroids has had booming business due to effective products but with prolonged side effects
  • Young girls take steroids to alter their physical appearance and body shape but the side effects they get in the bargain include baldness, shrinking breast, negligible sexual urge, low menstruation etc.


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