Social Media Addiction is on the Rise

Answering yes to any of the above questions or the ones listed below may be an indication of a beginning or serious addiction to social media… Studies show that more and more people are developing an addictive tendency to the dopamine feed that the approval and acknowledgment from social media provides. If any of these symptoms sound familiar try tuning out for a few hours or days and see if you can function in the real world as effectively as before. For getting rid of Instagram addiction visit You get tips about how you can get more likes and views on Instagram and increase your posts instantly and saving yourself a lot of time on social media.

You have audible alerts turned on for your phone, computer or mobile device and whenever the push notification sounds you “have” to check. It might be important.    Your friends and even you label you as the “go-to” person for social media “How To    You refer to web tasks as verbs, “Googling” to do research, “Tweeting” or “Hashtagging” to share information.    You reference your recent post on Facebook or in your blog rather than actually sharing exchange in conversation.    You check to see how much “influence” you have in your social network with an eye on enhancing your rank.    You check-in at locations and have been labeled as: “Mayor, King or Duke” of certain eating establishments or other brick and mortar locations.

You “like” other people’s posts rather than actually engaging in the conversation, this keeps the poster at arm’s length… not too close or intimate. by offering an opinion or real comment the interaction might become too close for comfort.    Your emails and written correspondence is peppered with single syllables in the sentences like “u” for you and “r” for are and acronyms like “OMG” and “LOL”.    You check into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram even when no alert has sounded just to see what’s going on and feel a slight let down when there are no comments to your latest post.    You are prone to Social Drama when your favorite site goes down or is offline you freak out and constantly check until it is back up and you meltdown when anything is changed about the way things are done on the site.

Are you addicted – That all depends on the emotional hit you are experiencing from your interaction with the social media site.. How much time is too much? If you are using social media to enhance your professional standing or expand your customer or fan base for work or business in the “real world” by building networks and client bases and sharing information that is valuable to others about your business then it’s not an addiction. Even so, try to limit your time to a designated amount 2 or three times a day in order to touch across time zones and make sure your information is relevant and of value.

Our developing world wide web has many pitfalls that are new and different.. the key is to adjust and grow with the changes.


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