Review of Astrale Paris, Anti-Aging, Eye Contour Gel

I had never heard of Astrale Paris before, but whenever I am in Marshall’s and shopping for skincare products, I come across a slew of products from foreign lands in which I had never heard of. Astrale is no exception, and I knew from previous experience with Marshall’s skin products that, some work, and others you may as well just toss in the trash.

You are probably wondering where Astrale Paris, Anti-Aging, Eye Contour Gel comes in to play.

Well considering the fact that I did not know much about this company, I decided to hit the net and see what I could find. As it turned out, Astrale Paris does have a site, but the site is not running up properly. There is no product info of any kind, which was disappointing to find.

Anyhow, Astrale Paris, Anti-Aging, Eye Contour Gel comes in a fancy package, which contains a small tube of the gel. Considering the fact that you only need to apply it to the eye area, the small tube should last you for months.

The formula is in fact a gel, a clear one which spreads easily and absorbs fast. It leaves behind a nice cooling sensation, followed by an ultra short uplifting little tingle, which I am sure is the formula in action. The gel absorbs perfectly, so you can go ahead and apply makeup right on top of it if need be. There will not be any signs of caking in the area, so you do not have to worry about that.


There were no immediate wrinkle reduction results, but most do not work immediately, so I went ahead and continued using this one daily, and finally began to see the results of what this gel offered. By week 1 the skin looked younger, and fresher in the general area. Fine lines were present, but not as deep looking or as obvious.

I do not have a heap of wrinkles in that area, but seeing that I am nearing the 30 year mark, I want to make sure the small lines I have now, do not spread, and if I can, I’d like to make them look even smaller.

This gel seems to keep things under wraps, while diminishing the appearance of lines, and making the entire eye area in general look brighter, fresher and younger, and after a week, seeing results like this is quite impressive.

By week 2, the whole area just looked tighter, and it was very obvious, not some subtle little change. The bags under my eyes that I get from lack of sleep were also nearly gone.


In 2 weeks the entire eye area just looked tighter, younger and wrinkles were only spotted under a 10X magnifying mirror, so I am pretty dang happy with the results. I bought Astrale Paris, Anti-Aging, Eye Contour Gel not knowing what to expect, and for the $8.00 I spent, it was well worth it. You may also consider using LED Dim Pro to sustain its effects especially if you have some sleep disorder.