Product Review: Dirt Devil Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum

Vacuuming has become part of my everyday life. With a four year old and an infant, there is always a mess to clean up. After several pulled muscles and backaches I had a light bulb moment. Why was I constantly fighting with my full size upright everyday. My Bissle weighs more than I do, or at least it feels that way when I’m trying to lug it up my full flight of stairs. I came to the realization that cleaning up Animal Cracker crumbs was not worth taking out the full size vacuum for every ten minutes.

I started my search on line, as I usually do when I have a problem like this. The options available on the Internet are endless. The prices are usually better than brick and mortar stores too which is a great bonus.

I checkout out a couple hand-held vacuums. The Eureka Hand-Held looked nice, but was only available in a bright yellow color. The Black amp; Decker Cyclonic Dust Buster had great reviews, but looked like they hadn’t updated the model in about 30 years. There were several no name brands that I didn’t feel like investing in and getting something my four year old would end up with as a toy.

After searching for some time, I found something that didn’t even look like a vacuum. In fact, it looked like some kind of art work. Until I read the description I had no idea that this was actually something called the Kone Hand Vacuum. It looked just like it’s called, a tall, sleek coned shape. What I liked about this idea, was that I could leave this out in plain sight. I don’t have to go fumbling through a closet or worry about charging it. It can stay out, charging and be ready at any time.

I buy a lot from, so I went over there for a price comparison. It was cheaper and with the free shipping there was no going wrong. List price was $59.99, and they were selling it for 33% off at $39.99. They had several color choices to choose from which just seemed amazing. When have you ever had a choice on your vacuum color? They offered it in Charcoal Black, Champagne Silver, Plum Purple, Blue and Pink. I opted for the Charcoal, feeling that would fit my decor in any room I choose to put it in. I clicked the order button and my new Dirt Devil Kone was on it’s way!

In true fashion, the box was at my door in two days. I was thrilled. I set it up in my kitchen since that is the hub of the house as well as where a good deal of the mini spills occur. I love the design. It is ultra sleek, and no one ever knows that it’s a vacuum. The top of the cone is actual vacuum and the bottom half is the charging base. The top twists off and you’re ready to clean. I first went through with the old ‘staubsauger test to check the efficiency.

The motor is a little noisy. I cleaned with this a little too close to my sleeping baby one day, and it was just loud enough to wake her. Despite it’s volume, it sure is a strong motor! I was really blown away by the power in this little unit. The opening where it sucks the dirt in is a little small, but that hasn’t been a problem for me. I only use it to pick up crumbs, pet hair and some dirt from muddy shoes that comes from outside.

There is one small design flaw in the vacuum that gets a little getting used to, and thats the location of the exhaust vent. It’s located very close to where the dirt comes in. When I am cleaning dust bunnies in a corder, or a mess that is light weight, sometimes the exhaust blows the pile away. This was really annoying at first. I soon learned what kind of messes the Kone was appropriate for and which ones were not a good idea.

The pro’s completely out weight the cons of the vacuum. The “space ship”, as my son calls it, is convenient, stylish and simple to use. I am so happy I went with this over the other’s I saw when I was shopping around. It’s actually been fun to use. I don’t mind pulling it out to clean little messes, I actually enjoy the task.

I plan to purchase a few more and scatter them through out the house. I’d like one for the upstairs common areas including the master bedroom, hallway, playroom and office. I also plan to purchase a pink one for my daughter’s room and a blue one for my son’s room. They’ll have no excuse not to have clean rooms ever again.