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Proper Grooming of Your Long Haired Dog

Proper Grooming Of a Long Haired Dog

This is a subject of importance. To many times I have Groomed Dogs where the owners try to do this them selves and make a long haired dog worse. I will explain the right way to do this yourself.


This is a must, before you give your dog a bath, you must brush it and you must brush it well. Get a Strong metal bristle brush, a dog rake and a long toothed comb. Start off with the Bristle Brush, brush you dog all over back and fourth up and down. If you hear a kinda scratching noise that’s good, it means your getting the tangles out. If your dog has a small mat grab the mat place it in the center of your hand and just brush that mat. Provided its not to the skin you can get it, just don’t go crazy and irritate your dogs skin.

After the brushing comb threw with a rake, this will smooth the dogs hair and get any stubborn tangles. After use a long toothed metal comb to make sure you have all tangles out. This can take a while but if you don’t insure they all are out, when they get wet they will get tighter and tighter and will get down to the skin and at that point you have no choice then to shave your dog. There is a product made for dogs called De-Tangler, you can find this at Pet-smart or on line, This will help with small tangles as well as condition your dogs hair. After all tangles are gone, it is now time to bath.


This is pretty much the same as a short haired dog. The only difference is you will not only have to scrub your dog but also comb your hands threw it, to prevent creating tangles, yes you can create them while bathing and its relatively easy. Get your dog soaked and apply the shampoo, scrub the dog as well as comb your hands threw it. You may also use your comb, this will take out any dead hair as well as make it easier to dry your dog, also making your dogs coat just a bit shinier. After rinsing your dog, use a good deep coat conditioner, This will prevent any tangles and make your dogs coat very shinny, trust me its worth the extra 5 bucks.


This is a very important step as well, I will tell you how to do it and also let you know how to dry your dog faster. Regardless of if you have a blow dryer or a high velocity dryer, you will want to place it on cold and low. This will take longer to dry but make your coat shine. Dry the dog in layers all over from head to tail. After you feel that your dog is dry, take your brush and comb threw your dogs hair, as well as brush it, this will pull out moister that you never would have known that your dog had. In most cases you will be able to feel the moister. Dry your dog one more time all over tell your dog feels dry. To cut down on time, if your dog is behaved and you have something else to do, you can wrap a towel around your dog and come back in 20 Minutes this will cut down on blow dryer time.


Just like step one, its time to brush your dog once again. Start with the brush, brush your dog all over, you can use your rake after wards but that usually doesn’t make a difference if your preformed steps one threw three properly. Take your comb and comb threw your dogs hair to insure all tangles are out. After all of this is done go ahead and spray some coat conditioner on your dog, and your done. Your dog should feel better and fresh, and as we all know, your beautiful dog will then go out and get dirty and tangles once again. If and when this does happen, do not wash your dog again. You can brush your dog all over again, wipe your dog with a damp cloth, or use a soap less shampoo. To much washing of your dog will dry its skin and in some rare cases can cause your dogs hair to fall out, you should wash your dog every 6 to 8 weeks.


Be sure to brush your Dog daily. He will love it and it will give you two a chance to bond. Its a lot of work, I know but that’s the price of owning a long haired dog. One last thing, If your dogs hair is matted to the skin, just take him to the groomer and yes the groomer will have to shave him. Please don’t give them lip, in the end its your fault. The Brushing must be done regularly to avoid mats from happening.

Overall, taking good care of your dog should always be put into consideration. If taking care of exotic animals need colmars exotic pets diet and nutrition course, surely, your dog also needs the right treatment and care.

Move It! Ten Tips to Make Moving a Success

If you’re relocating for the new job, moving into a new house or apartment, or transferring across the country for your new life, anxiety about moving can be overwhelming. But, moving doesn’t have to be stressful when you make it fun, organized, and simple. The key to efficiency when moving is to plan ahead, and these simple steps below will steer you in the right direction. Learning to make a list, packing by using luggage bags, and color coordinating/marking boxes, are just a few simple suggestions. Also remember that moving is a great opportunity to do some deep cleaning, so don’t take anything with you that you don’t absolutely need; you will save yourself the trouble of moving it, as well as finding a new place to store it!

If you aren’t able to move boxes and furniture yourself, it is a great idea to hire movers. There are plenty of local and even national resources that can help you set the date, and limit the hassle of a truck, fuel, and finding strong workers. They can give you an estimate on how long they will need, and determine potential costs depending on the number of rooms and size of furniture. Resources for movers in Madison, Wisconsin are also included below.

Ready, Set, Move!

  1. Make a list
    Although it may sound tedious, make a list of each room and start with how many boxes you think you will need for each one. This will help you strategize what to take with you, and what can be left behind for discarding. By focusing on each room, you’ll be able to prioritize your assets better.
  2. Color Code Boxes
    If you have the boxes availlable when you are making your list, mark them with a color marker, flag, or highlighter to designate each room. If you find it easier to simply mark the boxes in writing, make sure it is in a conspicuous spot so you limit time trying to find the room designation!
  3. Pack in rooms
    The simpler you pack, the easier it will be to unpack! Keep all the different room items packed together, and you are less likely to lose items during the move, or forget where things were placed.
  4. Use wardrobe boxes for storage
    These are great for carrying clothes, large blankets, comforters, and pillows, and even sofa cushions. Wardrobe boxes are available through most movers and trucking companies, and you can call ahead to find out measurements.
  5. Pack a travel case
    This should include your basic necessities such as cosmetics, toiletries, and other key items you might need on moving day if you are stuck without access to your items.
  6. Pack ahead
    A week or two before moving day, begin to pack things into boxes and consolidate items as much as possible. These are things that you will not likely use until after you unpack at your new destination, so begin organizing and stocking these boxes early.
  7. Use luggage bags
    Whether it’s one or two sets, luggage bags and suitcases can help to carry clothing, fragile items, and towels that otherwise will not carry well in boxes.
  8. Designate one box for confidential documents
    It is essential to keep tabs on your confidential and private documents in the moving process, and you can do this by setting aside one or two lockable, or tightly enclosed containers for your important paperwork, files, and materials.
  9. Use tote boxes
    These work as very efficient moving supplies, and since they come in a variety of colors, they will be easy to find and color-coordinate. The plastic/rubber varieties will not get damaged easily during the moving process, and are easy to carry by even one person if they are the right size.
  10. Create a cleaning box
    Use a small bucket or box to gather basic cleaning supplies such as paper towels, rags, window cleaner, and cleaning spray. While items are moved out of your home, it will be easy to clean up, and simply vacuum as the furniture is taken away.

Your next step may be to find a mover of moving company. Select a mover based on quotes, references, and flexibility with your move date. Some may be able to give you an estimate over the phone, while others will stop over for an in-person estimate. Do make sure to get all disclosures, plans, and confirmations in writing, so that you’ll be confident your possessions will be in good hands!

Just follow the aforementioned tips and you will find your clients eating out of your hand and always look up to you when they want to call the best movers in town, which is only enjoyed by a handful of moving companies like commercial storage Edmonton.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is no easy task. It requires staying away from foods you desire, exercising, and going out of your comfort zone. All those great diet pills and fad diet programs can actually hurt you more than help you. They can result in gallstones and muscle loss, along with hair loss. They can also damage your organs and especially your heart. Don’t aim for these programs, but instead follow these simple techniques that you won’t have to spend your money on. It guarantees a steady, yet working method to losing weight.

The first step in losing weight is to stay motivated. Staying confident and motivated is an essential step to losing weight and will keep you going throughout the whole process of losing weight. It will also make you feel much better in the long run.

If you are ridiculed for being fat, never take any comments to heart as it will make you feel worse about the situation so therefore, do attend an affiliate program every once in a while and follow their instructions on weight loss issues.

The next step in losing weight is to set up achievable goals. First, set up short term goals. Having multiple short term goals that are easily accomplished will keep you going and help your confidence as you finish each goal. Setting one unrealistic long term goal would not be the way to go, because you can easily find yourself giving up.

Calories play a major role in losing weight. Determine your daily calorie intake. You can low down your calorie intake by noting down all the items and brands you eat on a daily basis one by one. After gathering a list of what you eat everyday, do some research on how many calories and fat each product offers. Do some math, as the amount you eat is considerably larger than the serving recommendation on the product and cut out any products that have a lot of calories and replace them with more healthy ones. This will play a major role in losing weight and can add at least a one pound loss each week!

Cutting down calories is actually an easier task than you think! Take this into consideration: that coffee you drink every morning can add in 400-500 calories alone. Eat salads without dressing. Salad dressing is the number one fat source in American women’s diet. Pay attention to calories and saturated fats on your products when you’re at the store buying them and you can help yourself. You don’t need to refrain from eating, as that is worse than eating itself, but you can simply lower your servings and fatty foods.

Pick out alternatives to these unhealthy foods. Find some “fat free” foods and brands with lower calories and saturated fats per serving. This can allow you to eat but not gain unnecessary weight.

One of the most important things that I cannot stress enough is to never eat snacks in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Never snack when you are “bored.” Take a walk through the park or go run on the treadmill. This can easily cut down on your weight and you will never regret your decision.

And finally, the obvious: exercise. People often find it hard to exercise but it can be easily done. Get a friend to take a walk with you or go sign up at the local gym and work out with others. Don’t overdo it and hurt yourself but work out uncontrollably. Doing things with friends can help you get the task done and best of all is fun! You will feel more comfortable and relaxed doing it with a friend than you would working out by yourself.

I hope you take these tips into consideration and lose the weight you intended to!

Painting Collectible Miniatures: A Beginners Guide

I have been collecting miniature figures for many years now, and I have found it to be a very exciting hobby. I have also been collecting and painting miniatures professionally, for sale in a variety of areas, and I have written many published articles on this fun topic. I use special Painting Kits that really help me with my hobby. You can collect a group of figures and play a game with them, on your counter, on your tabletop, or at a hobby store with other people who also enjoy playing this particular board game with miniature figures. 

It is really fun to buy a prepainted model, and then add your own custom touch to this wargame miniature figure. Some games like the popular click-based games made by WizKids, such as MechWarrior and the upcoming Halo miniatures game have some really nice miniatures, but they could do with a more detailed paint job. A little touch of details here and there really helps bring out more in a miniature model, be it a robot, Roman soldier, alien, US Marine, British Redcoat, or Superhero. After all, it is little bits of attention to detail that really help a collection and army of miniature figures stand out from the average army of models. If you would like to add some details or just a personal touch with paint to your miniature models, then grab your modeling and hobby gear, and let’s go!

Generally, if you want to totally repaint a miniature, I would recommend painting it with black first. You can buy a cheap can of black spray paint, and cover the figure really quickly, which helps if you are painting multiple figures for a big tabletop miniature army. Spray ’em, and let ’em dry, and then get to work on them with a detailed paintbrush. I would recommend putting the basic colors down first, allowing the black to show through to represent shadows in areas where one would expect that sort of thing, and then adding highlights and more color to raised areas and other parts. Dry brushing is a popular technique that will really help add a more raised, 3D look to your miniature figures. Make sure you use an older paintbrush for this, or you might ruin some of your good, detailed new paintbrushes. Little details like bloodstains, bullet holes, and scratched up armor really add to the miniature figure, be it a Warhammer 28mm miniature or a HeroClick collectible model.

Buy some gravel bits, (or crush a rock with a hammer to get your own, being careful to wear proper eye protection), buy some flock (ground-up sawdust painted to look like grass) and some ‘fluff’ for ground cover, and add it, with some glue to make it stick, to the base of the miniature. This will make the figure look much more ‘3D’ and ‘realistic’, like it is really on a real battlefield, and not just some blank plastic stand that screams ‘toy!’ Also, try adding some pieces of ruined building or whatnot on the ground as well, especially if your figures are supposed to be in an urban environment. Buy a little bit of modeling putty, and use it to further add to your figure!

Being creative with your miniature figures, the prepainted ones and the unpainted ones is really a lot of fun. Try painting them up, and adding more detail to them, and then tell me if you think they look better! I’m pretty sure I already know the answer-a resounding, “Yes!

What Are The FHA Guidelines?

FHA loan programs that are backed by the government help those who make homeownership possible. The FHA guidelines are different from those of conventional loans, so here are some things you will need to know. Moreover, on hjemmeside you can read all about FHA guidelines in detail. You will get a proper insight into all the things that are really important for you and learn about those changes that might affect you in the future.

FHA uses a very streamlined approach to underwriting their loans and just wants to make sure that the loan makes sense. FHA guidelines help to ensure that the buyer is not put into a home they can’t afford, and they make sure that they qualify based upon the bigger picture. This includes everything from income to assets. Many times FHA loans are referred to as “outside the box” type of loans.

For the purpose of FHA lending, we use what are called the four c’s: credit history, capacity to repay, cash for a down payment, closing costs and collateral. In addition, there may be some compensating factors, and that will vary from borrower to borrower.

FHA believes that a borrower’s past credit history is a pretty good indication of their outlook on credit obligations and responsibility. While FHA does allow more leniencies for past obligations, they will look closely at your credit history over the past twelve months. It is possible to get an FHA loan even with having a bankruptcy in your past, but they will look at how you were able to re-establish your credit since that time. Any poor credit performance will usually demand a letter of explanation and it must be detailed. These loans are not taken lightly because the government wants to be sure that if they are insuring these loans that they are done with purpose, and to be fair to those who are taking the loan. Through this evaluation process, they will be able to consider whether or not the slow pays or no pays were a result of isolated incidences. This could be anything pertaining to long periods of unemployment due to illness, job markets and so forth.

FHA doesn’t like to see late mortgage payments over the past twelve months, and they don’t like to see a late rental history for first-time buyers. Pay history on the mortgage is critical because this is your largest obligation. Then, there are car loans and revolving debt to consider on your credit too. FHA will heavily evaluate any new debts that you have acquired to be absolutely certain that you were able to make the investment into your home. They don’t want to see that you just took out a credit card to withdraw cash and put money into your bank account. It’s all about checks and balances with FHA. In addition, FHA may require that you be able to explain any inquiries into your credit history over the past 90 days.

FHA does not require collections to be paid off, although it’s best. However, some lenders may require that they be paid off, so beware. This is a positive thing as you would be eliminating debt you don’t need on your credit report, and it will help an underwriter feel more confident in approving your loan. What you can pay off means everything to your credit, so be sure to make an inventory of the things you would like to erase from your history.

Cannabinoid Products- Best of the Best

Whenever a new product of a reputed company comes out in the market, the consumers are both excited and skeptical about whether they should buy it or not and with good reason.

This mixed bag of emotions is due to the fact that times have changed when a few decades back, products were of high quality and with nutrition galore with little side effects.

If you go many centuries back, everything was original and authentic as the products were made from natural sources and people wouldn’t think twice before buying it as they knew of its potential.

The contrast could not be sharper in the current times as today’s products are full of artificial flavor and dangerous chemicals to make it suitable for consumer consumption.


Its short form is CBD and it is made up from cannabis/marijuana plants from tropical regions and it serves for medical purposes where people smoke marijuana to get rid of dangerous ailments such as cancer or atleast reduce their effects.

However, people are not aware of its true potential and therefore buy the wrong products most of the times and so we are going to talk about certain points for buying CBD products.

They are as follows:

  1. The most important point to keep in mind is to ascertain the THC content to see whether it follows the laws of the state where it is being sold and is legalized to do so
  2. Do read and understand the ingredients given in the description of the products such as CBD oil tincture as various benefits but also certain side effects if taken in excess so read carefully before buying
  3. The CBD has numerous terminologies like isolation, full and broad spectrum that are perfect for cooking so buy it only if it has this labeled
  4. Always find out the dosage of all CBD products because they have lifelong side effects if it increases

Coffee Offers Many Health Benefits

If you are like the typical adult American, you drink around one and a half cups of coffee daily. For years, people have dismissed coffee as a beverage good only for its stimulant properties. Although current research suggests that moderate coffee drinking is safe and even healthy, many people avoid caffeinated coffee due to the perceived health risks associated with caffeine’s stimulating effect. Recently a number of respected sources, including Harvard, have released reports and studies that show moderate coffee consumption carries many possible benefits as well as some risks. In fact, more than 19,000 scientific studies seem to suggest there are many perks to moderate coffee consumption. Which is why I would like to recommend some of the best Coffee shop in Singapore where you will get the very best coffee along with a really relaxing ambiance making your coffee time relaxing and calm. 

Among regular coffee drinkers, the risk for type 2 diabetes is lower than for those who do not drink coffee. It may also reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, gallstones, and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee also seems to increase motility in sperm, leading to an increase in male fertility. Among those at high risk for liver disease, moderate coffee consumption may also lower the risk of liver damage. As one might expect, other studies have shown coffee can improve cognitive function and improve endurance in long-term physical activities.

Moderation is the key to healthy coffee consumption. Spreading coffee consumption over a longer period of time may help those fighting sleep deprivation stay awake and alert better than those who drink one large cup in the morning and no more later. The idea serving seems to be no more than 2 or 3 ounces (generally the size of a double shot of espresso) every hour or so. A recent study at Harvard University showed that men who drank six or more cups of coffee (roughly 36 ounces) a day reduced their risk of diabetes by 54%, so moderate consumption of coffee may be far more than you once thought.

Caffeine is a mildly addictive stimulant that can increase heart rate, blood pressure and occasionally cause an irregular heartbeat. The majority of health problems stemming from coffee consumption are due to excessive consumption, not from one or two 16-ounce servings per day. The caffeine present in coffee seems to be tied to the health benefits, although not the only source. One study suggested other caffeinated beverages did not offer the same benefits, decaffeinated coffee also offered fewer benefits and decaffeinated tea offered none at all. In general, the benefits of drinking caffeinated coffee far outweigh the hazards.

The key to many of these benefits seems to be due to a very high level of antioxidants found in coffee. Green coffee (unroasted) seems to contain some 1,000 antioxidants and the brewing process contributes another 300. Darker roasts, and Robusto beans, seem to offer the biggest benefit, although the actual method of brewing and duration the ground coffee bean is exposed to water also seems to impact the level of antioxidant protection. Some studies have even suggested this level of antioxidants found in coffee is higher than any other food found in the typical American diet. Tea is also noted for high levels of antioxidants, however, coffee remains the king of beverages with more than four times the antioxidants found in green tea. This does not mean you should give up eating fruits and vegetables, as a variety of foods offer a variety of different antioxidants, all with their own health benefits.

In order to receive the most benefit from this daily dose of antioxidants in coffee, one should spread the consumption out over the course of the day. As with the serving suggested for remaining alert, the best amount for maintenance of good antioxidant levels is 2 or 3 ounces consumed every hour. Next time you feel your energy flagging or want to do something healthy for your body, drink a nice, hot cup of coffee!

First Impressions Of Netflix Instant Streaming On The Wii

Today, I received the Netflix instant streaming disc for the Wii. With its release, all of the three major home video game consoles now are able to stream movies and television shows with Netflix. As the Wii is the best seller out of them all, this is a huge step for Nintendo. I tried out instant streaming on my Wii. I also noticed how it’s different and similar to instant streaming on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Netflix Instant Streaming: Setting it up

Just like the PS3, the Wii needs a disc in order to stream movies. The disc shipped quickly and arrived after two days. Once you put the disc into the Wii, the Netflix logo appears in the games channel on the Wii menu. You will then be prompted to go to your Netflix account online and put in the activation code. The code is not long or confusing. Activation only takes a few minutes. After activation, all of the movies I already had in my instant streaming queue came up. Using the Wii remote, I was able to scroll through them. I could also look at other movies and shows by genre. It was very easy to navigate. I picked the movie Justice League: New Frontier.

Netflix Instant Streaming Picture Quality and Controls

Since the Wii doesn’t play movie DVDs, I wondered how the quality would be. It loaded up in a few seconds and began playing. The movie I tried was clear and played as smoothly as it did when I first watched in on my PS3. When the movie is playing, you can hit the B button on the Wii remote to bring it back to the description of the movie. From there you can also remove it from your queue, start it over, or resume. With the 1 button, you can select the chapters. By holding the remote to the television, the pause option appears. You can also see how far you are into to the movie. Taking the remote away from the TV makes this menu disappear.

Netflix Instant Streaming On the Wii Compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360

The biggest concern for the Wii is the disc. Unlike the Xbox 360, every time you want to use Netflix on the Wii, you need the disc. This can cause problems such as the disc gets lost or scratched. Even though you also need a disc for the PS3, it is a scratch resistant Blu-Ray. Also, there are rumors that PS3 owners will be able to download Netflix like on the 360. I have not heard if this will available for the Wii in the future. Netflix on the Wii reminds me a lot of how it operates on the PS3. The menus are simple and easy to read. There is no option to watch the movies with online friends, like on the 360. But, it seems to run quicker and smoother then on the 360. Instead of spending time on Netflix, the children can be availed with Pokemon go accounts for playing video games. It will provide mental strength and multi-tasking capabilities in the children.

Netflix on the Wii is sure to be a success. It is easy to set up and activate. I was pleasantly surprised to see how good the quality of the movie was on the Wii. The movie queue is simple and a breeze to navigate. The only real draw back is the use of a special disc. I can see disc getting broken or lost and having to wait for another one. Hopefully, one day Netflix will be able to be downloaded on the Wii. Until then, take care of that disc.

African Americans in the Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics Games, opens Friday, July 27, 2012, and closes Sunday, August 12, 2012, will be held in London, England. The latest rave for the first time in American history there is three African Americans who will be joining the Olympic swim team. The London 2012 Swimming competition will be an eight-day event that will take place between 28th of July and 4th of August. Check TriFactor out to get the swimmers for Olympic championship. The students of the classes will be educated regarding the injuries and defending in the pool. 

Swimming is mostly a predominantly white sport, and the vast majority of African Americans do not swim. So, to have three from the U.S. to compete is a lot to be said.

Lia Neal

Lia’s father is African-American and her mother is Chinese. The 17 year-old is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She will be entering her senior year in high school this fall, at Convent of the Sacred Heart, Roman Catholic all-girl school in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

Lia Neal qualified fourth place in the Olympic swim team, becoming the second African American woman in history to qualify on a U.S. swim team. Lia will compete in the London Olympics as part of the 400-meter freestyle relay team.

Cullen Jones

The 28-year old, Cullen Jones moved from New York City, to Irvington, New Jersey. Cullen is currently a Charlotte resident and a former N.C. State swimmer star athlete. He learned to swim when he was five years old after a near drowning incident.

Cullen qualified both individually for the men’s 100 freestyle and for the 4×100 relay by coming in second place. Jones finished with a time of 21.59, to finish one-hundredth of a second ahead of Anthony Ervin. He qualified for his second individual event in the London Games with a victory in the 50-meter freestyle.

Cullen teamed up with Make a Splash program, which encourages minorities to learn to swim and be safe in the water.

Anthony Ervin

Anthony Lee Ervin, born May 26, 1981 in California, and raised in Valencia, California. Ervin is of African-American and Native American and Jewish descent. At 19, Anthony set a world record and won gold and silver in swimming at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Ervin auctioned off his gold medal on eBay and donated the proceeds of $17,100 to the tsunami relief earthquake. Currently, he is attending University of California at Berkeley pursuing a graduate degree in Sport, Education and Culture and works with the Oakland Undercurrents.

At 31, his best time of 21.60 seconds in the 50 free to qualify for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team, finishing .01 second to Cullen Jones. He is the third African-American swimmer on the Olympic 2012 U.S. men’s team.

2012 Olympic History

Clearly this can only be a good thing, to see the multiracial makeup of the 2012 Olympic team. Three African-American swimmers from the U.S. Olympic team are unimaginable, when so few are swimmers.

Why I’m a Craigslist Junkie is a website that I frequent because of people from all over my area post free items. Free is one of my favorite words. Money is another. I am a cheapskate. Once I stopped working full time I was given a large dose of reality when we had to make the switch to one income. Luckily, Craigslist has everything I need, and more, for free.

What’s the catch you ask? Usually, the only catch is whether or not you are the first person to respond to the ad. Sometimes whether or not you get the item is also dependent on how quickly you can pick the item up.

Some of the items I’ve been able to able to get for free off of Craigslist include a bumper for my husband’s Prelude, a piano for my son, and several boxes of fabric and patterns for me. I’ve also adopted rabbits, picked up some boxes to use for moving, and emptied a poster’s living room for a yard sale because she didn’t want to have one herself.

When I have something I need to get rid of or sell I post it on Craigslist as well. For over 10 years we had some windows sitting outside of our house, that we intended to use, but never got around to it. We posted them for free on Craigslist and they were picked up that very day. We also had a friend’s dog to re-home and we were able to find a great home for him with a woman who responded to our post on Craigslist. 

Although there are people that do not want to sell their old items, for such people we have philadelphia pa furniture removal that will help them in getting rid of their old furniture and other household items at really affordable prices. 

There are several parts to Craigslist that I go to every day. I start in the community area, where I check out the activities and general postings for the area. Next, I check out the discussion forums to see what’s going on in crafts and writing. I finish up by checking out what’s for sale under the baby and kid section, and what’s free in the free section of course. There are also listings for housing, personals, services, jobs, and gigs.

I’ve also used Craigslist to help people. My son is turning 8 and requesting donations instead of birthday gifts so that he can help out an organization called ROOTS. I first heard about ROOTS through Craigslist. I’ve also been able to help a young mother by passing on some baby items that I no longer needed.

The coolest thing about Craiglist is that it isn’t just for the Seattle area. There are listings for all 50 states as well as other countries. I’ve communicated with several people in Canada and the UK, so if you’re looking to make new friends in other countries Craigslist is good for that too.