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Product Review: Dirt Devil Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum

Vacuuming has become part of my everyday life. With a four year old and an infant, there is always a mess to clean up. After several pulled muscles and backaches I had a light bulb moment. Why was I constantly fighting with my full size upright everyday. My Bissle weighs more than I do, or at least it feels that way when I’m trying to lug it up my full flight of stairs. I came to the realization that cleaning up Animal Cracker crumbs was not worth taking out the full size vacuum for every ten minutes.

I started my search on line, as I usually do when I have a problem like this. The options available on the Internet are endless. The prices are usually better than brick and mortar stores too which is a great bonus.

I checkout out a couple hand-held vacuums. The Eureka Hand-Held looked nice, but was only available in a bright yellow color. The Black amp; Decker Cyclonic Dust Buster had great reviews, but looked like they hadn’t updated the model in about 30 years. There were several no name brands that I didn’t feel like investing in and getting something my four year old would end up with as a toy.

After searching for some time, I found something that didn’t even look like a vacuum. In fact, it looked like some kind of art work. Until I read the description I had no idea that this was actually something called the Kone Hand Vacuum. It looked just like it’s called, a tall, sleek coned shape. What I liked about this idea, was that I could leave this out in plain sight. I don’t have to go fumbling through a closet or worry about charging it. It can stay out, charging and be ready at any time.

I buy a lot from, so I went over there for a price comparison. It was cheaper and with the free shipping there was no going wrong. List price was $59.99, and they were selling it for 33% off at $39.99. They had several color choices to choose from which just seemed amazing. When have you ever had a choice on your vacuum color? They offered it in Charcoal Black, Champagne Silver, Plum Purple, Blue and Pink. I opted for the Charcoal, feeling that would fit my decor in any room I choose to put it in. I clicked the order button and my new Dirt Devil Kone was on it’s way!

In true fashion, the box was at my door in two days. I was thrilled. I set it up in my kitchen since that is the hub of the house as well as where a good deal of the mini spills occur. I love the design. It is ultra sleek, and no one ever knows that it’s a vacuum. The top of the cone is actual vacuum and the bottom half is the charging base. The top twists off and you’re ready to clean. I first went through with the old ‘staubsauger test to check the efficiency.

The motor is a little noisy. I cleaned with this a little too close to my sleeping baby one day, and it was just loud enough to wake her. Despite it’s volume, it sure is a strong motor! I was really blown away by the power in this little unit. The opening where it sucks the dirt in is a little small, but that hasn’t been a problem for me. I only use it to pick up crumbs, pet hair and some dirt from muddy shoes that comes from outside.

There is one small design flaw in the vacuum that gets a little getting used to, and thats the location of the exhaust vent. It’s located very close to where the dirt comes in. When I am cleaning dust bunnies in a corder, or a mess that is light weight, sometimes the exhaust blows the pile away. This was really annoying at first. I soon learned what kind of messes the Kone was appropriate for and which ones were not a good idea.

The pro’s completely out weight the cons of the vacuum. The “space ship”, as my son calls it, is convenient, stylish and simple to use. I am so happy I went with this over the other’s I saw when I was shopping around. It’s actually been fun to use. I don’t mind pulling it out to clean little messes, I actually enjoy the task.

I plan to purchase a few more and scatter them through out the house. I’d like one for the upstairs common areas including the master bedroom, hallway, playroom and office. I also plan to purchase a pink one for my daughter’s room and a blue one for my son’s room. They’ll have no excuse not to have clean rooms ever again.

Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool- a Great Place to Start!

Looking for a great preschool for your pre-K child? Having a hard time finding a perfect fit? Are you just plain picky when it comes to what you are looking for? Are you hard to impress?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I can understand. When my oldest son was to start preschool this year at age three, I really thought I would never find the perfect fit for him. I am an ex-teacher and really quite picky when it comes to who and where my child will be educated, even in preschool! To make matters worse, we moved to our current town one week before preschool was to start. I honestly thought we wouldn’t find any school at all to enroll him in. We got lucky! Bethelehem Lutheran had some students move out of the area, which opened a spot for us!

Rather reluctantly I drove to the preschool, not expecting a lot. After all, it was by far the cheapest preschool I had priced in our area. It couldn’t be that good, not with tuition as low as it was. However, I was quite desperate for any spot for my son in any preschool by this point, so off we went to check out the school.

Imagine my surprise when I met with with the director and she showed me around the small set of classrooms in the preschool area. Wow! Not only are the classrooms full of wonderful things for three and four year olds to do, there were animals, learning stations, a wonderful playground, imaginative play and friendly, smiling teachers in each room. I was hooked. The teacher in me screamed, “yes, yes, yes, this is how a preschool should look!” I enrolled my son immediately.

The week and came and went and before I knew it, it was time for three year old to start his first day of preschool. Would he love it? Would he cry? Most importantly, would he miss me? Okay, that isn’t the most important issue I had, but anyone sending their child to preschool for the first time understands what I mean. My husband and I walked our son into his preschool class, expecting a clinging child who didn’t want to leave. That didn’t happen. Our son saw the bunny, the guinea pig and the fish and that was it. We had lost him. Off he went, never looking back. I wasn’t sure if I should cry with sadness or happiness, but cry I did.

Our son hasn’t looked back in the almost seven months he has been at Bethlehem Lutheran. It has been a wonderful experience for him, not only socially but also academically. He loves his teacher, he loves his classroom and he loves going to school. The teachers are wonderful, the projects are wonderful, the play is wonderful. It is a good fit for us!

Preschool should be fun and educational for your child, but it should also feel like a good fit to the parents when they visit it. Bethlehem Lutheran was a good fit for me upon walking into the school. It is such a good fit, that in another year, I will be sending my youngest son there. I know for sure that there will tears on that first day of school. But, I also know that when I leave him that first day, he will getting a great preschool experience at a wonderful school!

I know this because that’s exactly what I had felt on my first day in school, which I love to call a childcare new market of sorts.

Do You Have Good Poker Patience?

This lesson is going to be directed to patience in poker. Patience is said to be a virtue. Well in poker, patience is especially important. Patience is the key to good tournament play. Profiting is our main objective, so tournament poker becomes a game of survival. Cashing in is what’s important, because when you cash in, you don’t lose money and your able to put yourself in a position to win the entire tournament.

Many people believe that poker is about playing your hands and letting the cards come as they are. Sometimes that will definitely work, but in the long haul, many more philosophies should be seen. The fact is that no matter how good your hand is, if it is not winning or going to win then its not what you wanna play. This is when patience comes into play. One needs the patience to know they can fold and live to see another hand. Its not the end of the world to make a call that ends up being a losing call, but you should know that folding is always an option. There is nothing wrong with saving what chips you do have for another and better position. Again, our objective is to survive, not have the most chips. Someone with the most chips can be easily defeated when it comes down to the nitty gritty. There are countless examples of that in World Series Of Poker history. Many have came back heads up or just at the final table being the overwhelming underdog in chip count. Waiting for that chance to survive can really be the difference in making the bubble (last person to leave before payouts) and taking down first prize. Patience is a virtue in the game of Poker. You can easily increase your chances if you have patience. As you download xe88 apk download you can learn a wide variety of tricks as well that are going to help you with your card game.

Bluffing or waiting to bluff for the right time can absolutely make or break your game. Timing your aggression properly is a key part to taking momentum in any form of poker. This is patience at its best when we speak of efficient poker play. When one waits to make moves and makes them in right time, they may make the perfect set up for a future hand that gives that player all of another’s chips. Timing becomes very important, and without patience, timing is next to impossible.

Patience can also allow you to make much better reads. When one allows time to learn their opponents moves, he or she can then take advantage of the weaknesses they have witnessed. There are weaknesses in every player and exposing them is the very best way to gain that opponents chips. Ability to read is one of the major components to a players game that seperates the good from the great.

With patience, anyone can become a profiting poker player. There are many other things to learn to incorporate to a patient game, but these are skills typically acquired through experience and understanding. Patience is something even the most inexperienced player CAN have. So in poker patience is more than just a virtue, it’s a key to success.

How One Ocarina Claimed My Soul

Back before games cost $60 and video rental stores were still common, gaming was different. Normally you would get out of school on Friday and after a week long deliberation head to the video store with your parents. Getting there, and making mom and dad agree to get you a game, was only half the battle though. Usually you could only leave with one game, and this is what you were stuck with for the whole weekend. Sometimes you could end up with a real bomb like Superman for N64, but every so often you would pick up a game that would totally wow you. For me that moment came one fateful Friday when I rented Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

I was always a fan of the Zelda series as far back as the original Nintendo console. So when I saw a brand new Zelda game that was made for my still new N64 I was beyond excited. Even though I had hyped the game up to myself the whole way home I was still blown away when I actually turned it on. The presentation of just the opening screen was fantastic. The music, sound effects, graphics, and simplistic nature of Link simply galloping across Hyrule were all fantastic. After pressing start and making my save file,(which in the process overwrote some other poor kid who rented the game before me)I was ready to embark on my adventure. I was highly into this game to the point that I was really willing to wear video game t shirts to show how this video game claimed and caught my interest.

From the very beginning the story just feels epic. An old evil has descended upon Hyrule and it is up to Link to stop it. As Hyrule’s only hope you run around collecting various gems until you undergo a “transformation.” After your “transformation” you find that Hyrule has been vastly changed, and as a player it will test all of your skills to fix it.

In the process of saving Hyrule you run into some of the best developed characters and dungeons in video game history. From the melancholy rancher’s daughter Malon to Gandondorf, the game’s big villain, every character is deep and their personalities are totally flushed out while playing. The dungeons also have their own different “personalities,” and the fact that they are so fun and unique makes the typically tedious process of dungeon crawling a real highlight. The only real let down gameplay wise is the sometimes irritating Water Temple, but that is only one small wrinkle in an otherwise flawless game.

For the younger generation who may have missed out on this game, and do not have an N64 handy, do not despair! Nintendo has breathed new life into this ocarina with ports on the Gamecube, 3DS, and the Wii’s Virtual Console. Next time you have a few bucks and some spare time I highly recommend checking this game out. Even in today’s more technologically advanced gaming age Ocarina of Time still can hang with the big boys in terms of sheer fun.

Social Media Addiction is on the Rise

Answering yes to any of the above questions or the ones listed below may be an indication of a beginning or serious addiction to social media… Studies show that more and more people are developing an addictive tendency to the dopamine feed that the approval and acknowledgment from social media provides. If any of these symptoms sound familiar try tuning out for a few hours or days and see if you can function in the real world as effectively as before. For getting rid of Instagram addiction visit You get tips about how you can get more likes and views on Instagram and increase your posts instantly and saving yourself a lot of time on social media.

You have audible alerts turned on for your phone, computer or mobile device and whenever the push notification sounds you “have” to check. It might be important.    Your friends and even you label you as the “go-to” person for social media “How To    You refer to web tasks as verbs, “Googling” to do research, “Tweeting” or “Hashtagging” to share information.    You reference your recent post on Facebook or in your blog rather than actually sharing exchange in conversation.    You check to see how much “influence” you have in your social network with an eye on enhancing your rank.    You check-in at locations and have been labeled as: “Mayor, King or Duke” of certain eating establishments or other brick and mortar locations.

You “like” other people’s posts rather than actually engaging in the conversation, this keeps the poster at arm’s length… not too close or intimate. by offering an opinion or real comment the interaction might become too close for comfort.    Your emails and written correspondence is peppered with single syllables in the sentences like “u” for you and “r” for are and acronyms like “OMG” and “LOL”.    You check into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram even when no alert has sounded just to see what’s going on and feel a slight let down when there are no comments to your latest post.    You are prone to Social Drama when your favorite site goes down or is offline you freak out and constantly check until it is back up and you meltdown when anything is changed about the way things are done on the site.

Are you addicted – That all depends on the emotional hit you are experiencing from your interaction with the social media site.. How much time is too much? If you are using social media to enhance your professional standing or expand your customer or fan base for work or business in the “real world” by building networks and client bases and sharing information that is valuable to others about your business then it’s not an addiction. Even so, try to limit your time to a designated amount 2 or three times a day in order to touch across time zones and make sure your information is relevant and of value.

Our developing world wide web has many pitfalls that are new and different.. the key is to adjust and grow with the changes.

Three Common Causes Of Nightly Coughs You Must Be Aware Of

Is your sleep being disrupted by a nagging, dry cough? A chronic cough that occurs only at night can be due to a variety of causes. In some cases, underlying allergies or exposure to respiratory irritants such as cigarette smoke or indoor chemicals can cause a cough at night. The cough may subside during the day when you’re out of the house and away from the source of irritation. This is why it’s important to look for any indoor environmental factors that may be triggering your cough. That’s while considering to buy Modafinil online to keep you awake during the day after experiencing lack of sleep because of nightly coughs. Here are some other causes of a cough at night you may want to be aware of.

Causes of a cough at night: Undiagnosed asthma

When most people think of asthma, they think of shortness of breath and wheezing. While asthma may present in this manner, it’s not uncommon for the only symptom to be a nagging night time cough that just won’t go away. This type of asthma is known as cough variant asthma and will often respond to the use of asthma inhalers. This possibility is more likely if you have a history of allergies, eczema, or a family history of asthma. If you have a nagging dry cough only at night, this is a possibility you’ll want to explore with your doctor.

Causes of a cough at night: Medications

If you take a certain type of high blood pressure medication known as an ACE inhibitor, it could be triggering your night time coughing spells. It’s unclear exactly how this class of medications triggers cough, but discontinuing it usually solves the problem. If you’re taking an ACE inhibitor and have a cough, mention it to your doctor who may be able to put you on an alternative blood pressure medication that won’t cause cough.

Causes of a cough at night: GERD

GERD is an abbreviated term for gastroesophageal reflux. This is a fairly common condition where the flap that separates the esophagus from the stomach is weakened, allowing acid to flow back into the esophagus. Although this usually causes symptoms such as heartburn and an acidic taste in the throat, it sometimes presents with a dry cough only at night. Why does this occur? When you’re lying down, acid from the stomach can more easily back flow into the esophagus leading to a coughing spell. There are medications to treat this condition which may stop the cough.

Causes of a cough at night: Other causes

If you’ve recently recovered from a viral infection, the cough may be the last symptom to improve and will often make its presence known when you lie down to sleep. In rare cases, a short course of oral prednisone may be needed to reduce the inflammation and eliminate the cough. Another cause of a cough only at night is post nasal drainage related to a sinus infection.

Seersucker: Dooney&Amp; Bourke’s Newest Collection Of Women’s Designer Handbags

Summer has never looked so good with Dooney  amp; Bourke’s newest collection of “Seersucker” women’s designer handbags. This classic and stylish woman’s handbag is the ideal accessory for resort, cruise or beach vacation wear. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker women’s designer collection features pretty colorful fabric and fabulous designs. Here are a few of the latest collection of Dooney  amp; Bourke’s Seersucker women’s designer handbag collection. To read detailed reviews and to know Her opinion on Luxurytastic Replicas you can click here. At luxurytastic you get best quality products at affordable prices.

Seersucker: Dooney  amp; Bourke’s Newest Collection of Women’s Designer Handbags: Small East/West Slouch

East meets west in the style in the new Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Small East/West Slouch. This cute and colorful handbag has an inside zip pocket, useful cell phone pocket, Dooney  amp; Bourke signature leather front logo, adjustable leather strap, seersucker patchwork pattern throughout, inside key hook and zipper closure. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Small East/West Slouch handbag is made of fabric and is available in the color natural.

Seersucker: Dooney  amp; Bourke’s Newest Collection of Women’s Designer Handbags: Small Safari Handbag

Leap into Spring and go fashionably wild in the new Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Small Safari Bag. This classy small designer handbag has a zipper closure, two outside snap pockets, a practical cell phone pocket, roomy outside zip pocket, Dooney and Bourke signature leather logo at front, two outside zip pockets, key hook, adjustable leather strap and inside zip pocket for extra storage. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Small Safari lined bag is made of fabric and is available in the color natural.

Seersucker: Dooney  amp; Bourke’s Newest Collection of Women’s Designer Handbags: Large Tassel Zip Top

If you are searching for a large designer handbag for spring/summer months, the new Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Large Tassel Zip Top has plenty of style and room for all your personal belongings. This beautifully lined handbag has two inside pockets, leather detail, colorful seersucker patchwork allover design, front leather tassel, Dooney  amp; Bourke signature front hanging logo tag and long leather shoulder strap. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Large Tassel Zip Top is made of fabric and is available in the color natural.

Seersucker: Dooney  amp; Bourke’s Newest Collection of Women’s Designer Handbags: Bucket Handbag

The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Bucket Bag is the perfect accessory for resort or cruise wear. This spectacular designer handbag has a convenient zipper closure, a comfortable long leather strap, allover seersucker patchwork design, useful cell phone pocket, inside key hook, one roomy inside pocket as well as an extra zip pocket for additional storage. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Bucket Bag is made of fabric and is available in the color natural.

Seersucker: Dooney  amp; Bourke’s Newest Collection of Women’s Designer Handbags: Medium Cindy Tote

Look fantastic and colorful in the Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Medium Cindy Tote. This trendy tote handbag has a inside zip pocket, inside key hook, a medium leather strap, leather detail, Dooney  amp; Bourke signature hanging leather tag logo, cell phone pocket and allover seersucker patchwork design. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker Medium Cindy Tote is made of fabric and is available in natural.

For more designer handbags from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Seersucker collection, visit Dooney  amp; Bourke online or your local Dooney  amp; Bourke boutique.

Tattoos: Statements for Fashion Icons

It can be seen today, that the youth brigade have completely adapted to western culture by following and making their fashion statements an essential part of their lives, thereby converting the lifestyle of the west into their own.

While it is essential that you have to move on with times and start learning to adjust with changes, be it positive or negative, you should do so without abandoning your family roots that are the core basis of your identity and define your personality.

The problem with today’s generation is that they are extremely lazy in nature and tend to rely on others to do their jobs for them without taking the pain of learning to do so themselves.

Therefore, they have taken to western culture like fish to water and perceive it to be the epitome of modernity, forgetting their own invaluable culture and viewing tradition as orthodox and a thing of the past and not quite useful in current times.

One such important technique that they have borrowed is the art of tattooing their body. There were times where you could get a free tattoo with a chewing gum but now almost every person who is from the ‘youth brigade’ can be seen sporting tattoos of their favorite celebrities, artists, messages and quotes on every part of their body.

Glitter tattoo have become fashion statements for everyone and if you add ink to it, you have are at the peak of fashion. But most of them do not know how to get a glitter ink tattoo.

Fortunately for them, online shopping portals abound with the choicest of fashion things and here are certain tips to look after: 

  • The body part area where the tattoo is to be applied must be cleaned
  • The 3 layered skin should be devoid of dirt, done through white paper
  • Apply black color paint on the top layer
  • Remove it through sponge
  • Apply glitter on stencil
  • Take the stencil out and the tattoo will glitter

Reasons To Hire A Commercial Roofing Company In Toronto

When there is a need for upgrading your roof, you need to find the roofing contractor of the same. The options of different contractors of roofing are there. One can select the best by referring through neighbours and other sources. The options are many, but Toronto Roofing Company is still the best and known for its services and industrial roofing companies in Kansas City, Missouri are also famous.


When searching for a roofer, the first consideration is it is local, so that its work can be verified from the people living close to you. The contractors to be hired can show the work done by them at nearby places; this gives a sense of satisfaction that the work will be of quality. One needs to check the performance before selecting the contractor and making a decision.

Building Codes:

There are various building regulations and policies at a different place and can vary from one loacation to another or from one area to another. If you are hiring the services of local roofers, they definitely will be aware of the policies regarding the buildings of that place. This helps them to provide services according to the requirements that apply to that particular area.

Local Climate:

If a local roofer is hired, he is aware of the climate of the areas at present and also in the future. He, therefore, will provide appropriate advice as to the building materials required so that it suits the local climate.


After installation of the roof, it will require to be maintained in future. This requirement makes it necessary that the roofer should be local so that they can provide repairs and maintenance at times. For the person hiring the roofer, it becomes convenient to call them at the time of emergency repairs.

With these factors keeping focused on, one can make a wise decision of hiring Toronto Roofing Company. One should also ensure that the contractor is licensed, insured and have experience in work.

Using Secure Virtual Data Rooms

It is a secure platform for sharing document and collaborating for the smooth flow and efficient working of the management of an organization. Nowadays using the virtual data room helps organizations to establish a safe connection with their clients so that they can access the critical information from any location of the world safely. Bank and financial companies mostly use this system.

How does it work?

Special Purpose Company is a new solution in support of the programme that offers compensation to various banks and firms. It involves a lot of complicated processes like checking the application, criteria, financial statement and many more. These processes are thus used in the banking and financial sectors. It also considers regular communications like emails with clients regarding the queries on documentations.

Importance of Virtual Data Room:

It provides an efficient data and document management platform for the client with new update always available for the customers of the banks. Here the document and information are always available for the clients so that they can easily access the information that is stored in the central place. The most important part is the security level built in the system. It uses AES_256 that ensure safe and secure use of the information and can be protected from hacking.

An organization like banks and law firms mostly depend upon the virtual data system to provide their customer fast, free and hassle-free services. The customer can easily access their data with the password-protected platform.  These data rooms also offer a built-in feature of Q & A features that help the client if they face any issue at any point in accessing any information. The Q & A option will help by providing detailed information on how to access the required information. These rooms need to be, from time to time, kept updated themselves in security level and service providing facilities.