Organic Pest Control – Insecticidal Soap to Keep Your Garden Chemical-Free

Who wouldn’t want to be free from any harmful products? As much as possible, we should use organic pest control from mosquito pest control Columbia SC, especially when we use it at home. We have been hearing bad news from televisions, radios, and internet about people who accidentally ingested some toxic products especially if we have kids around the house we sometimes let our children play on their own not knowing that they are not safe from the insecticides with added chemicals that we are using.

When we try maintaining the beautification of our house by trying to plant beautiful flowers or trying to save money by planting our own vegetables we use different kinds of fertilizers or pesticides to keep away pests or insects from eating or destroying the plants. There are lots of chemicals available today that help us grow our plants. Though these products with chemical ingredients can help, you can make your own mixture of insect killer and it is safer and you even get to save your money as well.

Follow this sample mixture of an insect killer:

You will need 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of soap. The soap must be neither plain dish soap, not anything that is marked with anti-bacterial nor a detergent soap. Add the ingredients together. Blend completely and pour it in a spray bottle. Try the mixture by spraying directly on your plants where there are insects. Make sure that you label the bottle so that you will not forget what the bottle is for.

Be careful not to spray on plants that are sensitive to soaps. Examine first the mixture on one leaf to every kind of plant you have. If the plants won’t have any reactions that would harm them such as those that are just about to grow then you could use the mixture as an insecticide killer. Try spraying the insecticide where it is not too hot as it can burn the leaves because water droplets can be like magnifying glasses that can burn the leaves.

Be patient on spraying the mixture since you only have to spray it directly where there are bugs or insects that are destroying your plants. Some of these insects cover themselves under the leaves of a plant. Continue spraying the insecticide if you still see pests on your plants.

This kind of insecticide killer can really help you a lot. Not only can it help you save money since other insecticide killers with chemicals cost a lot it can also help you lessen your worry because you know that your environment is safe from any chemical use. In addition, if you are growing vegetables using the organic pest control then you know that what you are eating is safe and healthy.


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