Legal Malpractice 101- Top Facts To Know

Malpractice in service constitutes one of the most severe violations of consumer rights. An individual is a consumer whenever he receives a service against money. Unfortunately, the ill habit of malpractice has become a growing concern today. From education to medical, every field is reported to have practiced consumer malpractice. And that includes the legal field too. Yes, legal malpractice is very much prevalent today.

What constitutes legal malpractice

Legal malpractice refers to a situation where a lawyer has not been able to perform as per proscribed codes and standards of professional and ethical conduct. However, that doesn’t mean if your attorney is unable to reach a positive outcome within a fixed time-frame, he can be accused of malpractice. In other words, your case will be counted as legal negligence if your lawyer has been really negligent with his actions. If there is any incident of contract breach or violation of rules of American Bar Association on part of the lawyer- then it will be counted as legal malpractice.

Gather the evidence

If you think you have been a target of legal malpractice, then you should present your case to the court for justice and compensation. When you will take the case to the court, you will be required to produce evidence for the following incidents:

  • Lawyer was accountable to support you with skilled and competent representation
  • You lawyer has breached duty by being too careless
  • The breach of duty by the lawyer
  • Negligence on the lawyer’s part has led to financial losses for you

Legal malpractice is a serious issue. If you ever find yourself to be a victim of any such an ill practice, do not delay to contact good law firms harrisburg pa to defend you. Just make sure beforehand that the attorney you are going for is seasoned in handling legal malpractice cases.



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