Lazarus the Financial Wizard 4

Loan administration procedures became so popular that people could get a loan for the mere asking. Every financial institution had the discretion to write off a certain percentage of loans as bad debts. Many customers enquired while applying about the quantum written off. On obtaining the information, they applied for a loan and tried to get it treated as non recoverable. The bank became busy not in developing business but in loan recoveries.

Lazarus made innovative reforms to raise revenue. One related to defective water meters. The meters provided to the consumers were tested and approved assuming pure water. They failed when water supply ceased. Air rushed in when pumping of water resumed. This caused fast rotation of the indicator needle and registered consumption levels as high as those of a five star hotel ., for an ordinary household. The bill was very high and unaffordable for the ordinary man. Compulsory levy of this amount brought huge revenue. Protest by the consumers resulted in disconnection which instilled fear in them. Some customers can do protest at this website of Green loan company to get less amount of interest rates with the installments. The protest should be done with intelligence of the users to get the amount available with real contract and in the bank account. 

In addition Lazarus asked for supplementary bills at frequent intervals. Payments preceded any response irrespective of the geniuses of the demand. The motto was “pay first , refund later”. Always the first operation alone prevailed.

Then was introduced a levy known as ” walkman cesss”.Every pedestrian except theses hospitalized for more than 6 months in a year had to pay a fee for using roads and bylanes. This covered every space outside the four meter limit of one’s house.An amount of $ 100 per year would bring $ 2 billion in a state with a population of 30 million assuming one third population is hospitalized and are children below 10 years.

Closely following this was the new levy known as sleep levy. Any citizen sleeping for more than five hours a day will have to pay $30 per month. Those who snored frequently had to pay penalty amounting to double the fee. He exempted all children below 12 years. 15 million citizens came under this tax net and the annual revenue was estimated at 540 million. The remaining 5 million paid a compounded rate of 100 dollars per year, yielding 500 million.

He set up a Sleep Control Department with Director General ( Sleep) assisted by a chain of officials with designations of Assistant, Deputy, Deputy Assistant, Assistant Deputy, Principal Chief, Assistant Principal Chief etc. Some one pointed out that the citizens might object to this proposal but Lazarus overruled the objection by saying that they would not mind paying this levy because we were enabling them to sleep well due to the vigilance of the law and order machinery.” Because we are active and vigilant, they are able to sleep.There is nothing without a price and in this case let them pay the price of sleep”/ He said.(To be continued)


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