Important Guide For Using Web Hosting Pad

This is a guide for the hosting company “Web Hosting Pad”. In this guide, we will take a look at their prices, plans, features, and the support they offer. But if you want to find server hosting for PC games, this option is not for you. Go for for better services fitted for gamers instead.

Web Hosting Pad Prices

If you sign up with Web Hosting Pad for one year, you will have to pay $4.95 a month which comes out to be $59.40. So, it will cost you right at $60 a year to host your website with Web Hosting Pad, if you sign up for a year.

If you sign up with Web Hosting Pad for two years, you will pay $3.96 a month and this comes out to be $47.52. So, by going with them for two years, you will save $11.88 a year.

Web Hosting Pad Plans

The Web Hosting Pad plans offer just about everything you need. These plans offer unlimited email, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, site builder,webmail, log files and site stats, customizable web page errors, web file manager, and so much more.

Web Hosting Pad Features

Some of the features you will get with Web Hosting Pad include message boards, form mail script, the most popular content management systems, image galleries, and other useful tool. If you are familiar with the Fantastico Script and all it has to offer, this is what you will be getting with the bonus features. Everything that comes with this script is offered.

Web Hosting Pad Support

Web Hosting Pad offers 24/7 support. You can email the company, phone the company, and chat with the company. Whichever way is convenient for you. They have won many awards for there hard work, helping people, and maintaining a hassle free web hosting company.

Web Hosting Pad’s Web Design

Web Hosting Pad has a built in web designer called SiteBuilder. With this program, you can design your own website. It is easy enough for beginners to use and good enough for the advance users too. This is a simple program that will take you step by step through your design.

The program has over 100 templates to choose from. You can also use your own templates or customize the ones in SiteBuilder. You can also create blogs and photo galleries in this web design program. If you are looking to open an online store, this program also has that feature built in. Creating an online store is simple with SiteBuilder. It also provides the usual tools that web designers need like hit counters, guestbooks, calendars, and a Google search.


Web Hosting Pad deserves five stars out of five stars. What they offer for so little money is just unreal. It’s like having your own hosting company. It’s hard to find hosting any cheaper and still get all you get with this company. This is a great web hosting company with great features and support.