HTML Post Opera Widget – Get HTML Code Without Knowing HTML

HTML Post is a widget that creates the HTML code for text you are creating. If you are using message forums or MySpace and need the html code for the text you are trying to use, this widget would be helpful for you. This widget is great for people who have know HTML experience. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the HTML Post widget in Opera and I will show you how to use it.

To install the HTML Post widget, you will need to visit the download page. You can go directly to the download page of the widget by clicking here. On this page you will see a blue Launch button. Click that button to start the download. Once the download has finished, it will ask you if you want to keep the widget. Click the Yes button to finish the installation. The HTML Post widget will now pop up on your screen. You can click this link to have an in-depth look at this HTML post widget.

The HTML Post widget should now be opened in your browser. Go ahead and type what you want it the box. Then you can go back and highlight it and insert the HTML. At the top of the widget you will see the different icons. Let’s take a look at what the different icons do.

B –

The B icon stands for bold. This will make your text bold. To create bold text, type your text, highlight it, and click the B icon.

I –

The I icon will make the text italic. To create italic text, type your text, highlight your text, and click the I icon.

U –

The U icon stands for Underline. Clicking this icon will underline your text.

S –

The S icon stands for strike. This will put a line through the middle of your text.

Green Arrow –

The Green Arrow icon will insert a page break. That means the text coming after the

will go to the next line.

Paragraph Arrow –

This will insert blockquotes. This will make your text look like it is in an invisible block.

Quote –

The Quote icon will place quotes around your text. When using HTML, there is a code you must use for the quotes. You can’t just insert the quotes.

Dash –

The Dash icon will insert a dash into your text. Again, you can’t just type a dash when using HTML. You must use the HTML code.

Link –

The Link icon will allow you to easily insert a link into your text. Click the Link icon and the link box will open. Enter the information into the field and click the OK button to insert the link.

Eye –

The Eye icon will allow you to preview what your text will really look like once it is posted.

This is a great tool for people who are inexperienced with HTML. It will convert and code everything for you.


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