How to Remove Pet Stains on a Mattress

Cats and dogs are part of the family, and many people allow their pets to share their bed. This works well for some – until the pet has accidents that leave behind stains on the mattress. Urine and vomit can literally ruin a bed when not properly cleaned. Forget about store-bought products that do not always work as advertised. Some simply cover up odors, but they eventually come back. Use the following easy ways to remove pet stains on a mattress, and save it from permanent damage caused by urine or vomit.

You can even opt of a bed with storage to keep tissues and cleaning stuff on hand

Begin by Removing Solids from the Mattress

To avoid pet stains on a mattress that were caused by vomit, begin by removing the solids. Use paper towels or tissue paper, and do not rub it into the fabric while trying to clean it up. More than likely, liquids will have soaked into the mattress batting, and when not immediately cleaned away it will quickly spread. Pet stains are far easier to remove if they are found right away, but it is not always that simple. In any case, it will come out when the proper steps are taken – even if the pets stains have dried.

Soak up all of the Liquid in the Mattress

After removing any solids, soak up all of the liquid in the mattress using absorbent paper towels. Press folded paper towels firmly into the mattress over wet areas. If the marks are dry, go over the fabric with a wet cloth, and follow up with the paper towels as if the pet stains were fresh. Whether it is pet urine or vomit, this step will hydrate the substance, and it will be easy to remove from the mattress. If it is dry, it will remain in the mattress no matter what is used in an attempt to remove it.

Go Over the Mattress Stains with a Wet Cloth

Next, remove the pet stains on the surface by going over the area with a clean, wet cloth. Use a sweeping motion and gentle pressure on the mattress. Rinse and ring out the cloth often. The area should be somewhat wet before proceeding to the last step to remove pet stains.

Cover the Pet Stains with Salt

The last step to remove pet stains is by far the most important. Completely cover the wet area with table salt. The salt will pull all of the moisture from the mattress, and it will take any remaining pet stains and odor with it. Leave the salt on the area for at least twenty-four hours or until it dries and cracks. Once the salt is dry, it has literally pulled out all of the moisture it can possibly remove from the mattress. Vacuum the salt away along with any lingering pet stains and odors. When cleaned correctly using the aforementioned steps, the mattress will look and smell as good as new.