Helpful Tips in Itemizing Mortgage Loan for Tax Deduction

Paying any loan while worrying about tax is certainly daunting. That’s why aiming for tax deductibles while paying mortgage loans is common among people today. Thankfully, it’s possible to itemize your mortgage loan and slash significant amount off your tax. Read on for basic info, or visit to help you prepare real estate tax.

How to itemize your Mortgage Loan for Tax Deduction today

The principle of this tax deduction lies on making the interest of your mortgage loan deductible from your tax. However, you must comply with some points in order to enjoy such deduction. Remember as well that only the interest of your mortgage can be covered.

You’ll qualify for such deduction when a mortgage loan is secured by your home, and is used to buy, build or improve your primary property. A primary property is where you actually live, especially in cases of having multiple homes. Note, however, that one secondary home may qualify for such deduction too, as long as you use it for personal purposes.

Now, since 2018, only mortgage loans with the principal of $700,000 are eligible for tax deduction. Also, note that when you’re married and you have separate tax return, such limitation is reduced to half. In case you own a secondary home, remember that the principal amount limit is accumulative. So, if you want to cover the mortgage loan of your first and second home under tax deduction, their total mortgage principal must not exceed $700,000.

Lastly, if you have an active mortgage loan acquired before 2018, the principal amount allowance is $1 million. When you comply with certain requirements, you’d be eligible for an additional $100,000 deductible from your loan.

Taxation is always a complex topic to talk about. That includes real estate tax and deduction as well. Hence, think of consulting tax preparation experts for more guide.