Firewalls Software and Hardware

Internet Firewall explained so that you know about free and personal firewalls. 

A firewall acts as a sentry between your computer and its files and the WWW, the world wide west, err, I meant web. A firewall monitors the network traffic between your computer and the Internet making sure the only traffic that goes between your computer and the Internet is in fact the stuff you want to send and receive.

It doesn’t prevent viruses or other nasties from being downloaded, that’s the job of virus protection software but it does prevent hackers from being able to take control of your computer while you surf web sites. Yes, it can and does happen! Yes, you can. There are many good firewalls available for no cost.

The main consideration is setup. I recently asked a friend if he had a firewall. “Yes “, he replied confidently, “and it was free “. So when I next visited him I asked if I could have a closer inspection of his firewall. 

Well, to both his and my amazement we ran some simple tests. Yes, he had a firewall but it was not set up correctly. The setup instructions consisted of some help files and were not adequate to set up the firewall. A simple test showed that the ‘firewall’ in its default setup leaked his email address and did not prevent some spyware from sending information across the Internet. Was it free? Yes. Did it work, almost! 

That isn’t to say that you won’t be able to get a free firewall, you will. But like anything free what will you do when it doesn’t work? Where will you get updates when it fails? 

How much is your computer/laptop privacy filter effective and what is the worth of your privacy? I will leave you to answer these questions. I consider a good Internet Firewall essential. Check and be sure your network remains safe. Stay Ahead of Hackers – Zone Labs is the company that sells one of the best computer security programs on the market.

They also have spyware protection, anonymous surfing, or spam protection products. Their site has a lot of information on the topic of keeping your computer safe. Eagle Discounted Software – Eagle sells greatly discounted Brand Name firewalls.

Definitely worth checking out their latest specials. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products – Kaspersky Lab is a top anti-virus company. They also lead with their advanced anti-virus technologies. They produce anti-virus defense systems for all kinds of computers including workstations, file servers, and application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls, and Web servers. So you can keep one computer safe or a whole business worth of computers safe with their products.


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