Fifty Two Pounds Created a New “me”

I bought earrings when I went shopping. They were easy to buy, no trying on and no looking at my body in the mirror. One size fits all in earrings. I only started to buy clothes, when the new “me” emerged.

I would like to say it was easy to lose my weight. I had ballooned to over 200 pounds. My clothes were stretched to the limit, as I would not try on clothes to purchase. I was the jewelry collector for five years, until I decided that “enough was enough” and I took a firm hand in losing my unwanted pounds.

I am not a vain person, so looking in the mirror was not my hang up, as much as wearing the same clothes over and over again. Everyone has a favorite outfit, but mine was faded and stretched to fit the fifty pounds that I had managed to find.

Others were losing weight and exercising. I did not want any part of that, until one day, I finally looked in the mirror and really took stock of myself. I decided then and there, that the fad diets were not the answer for someone like me to lose weight. I needed a “program and plan”, and not a two week fix. I had tried the grapefruit diet, the banana diet, and even only white foods diet. All worked for a time, but you could not live on them very long. I took food supplements for a while, but they were so tasteless, that I usually did not drink them. I lost weight, but not from them, but just from the thought of having to drink them.

A friend, who really did not need to lose weight, asked me to accompany her to Weight Watchers. They turned her down, because you had to have at least five pounds to lose and she did not. I stayed for the meeting and the orientation. I liked what I heard and decided that this was the plan I needed to succeed.

It took me dedication, and perseverance, but I managed to stay on the program. As the pounds started to shed, I realized that throughout the years I had not gone about losing weight the right way. I never had a plan. I had a goal, but no plan.

The first thing I was taught is that no one should go losing weight alone. There are too many side tracks and we are all weak when it comes to food. Having support from others who were “in the same boat” was a plus for me. They cheered me on when I lost, and kept my spirits up when I did not lose. They were there when I needed to exercise and partnered with me to do some walking, etc.

The Weight Watchers plan might not be for everyone, but the most important thing I learned, was that I needed a well thought out plan to lose weight. I needed the support of others. I needed a conscience, and that was the weekly weigh ins. I needed to know that losing weight was not a one time affair. The plan that I accepted was a life long one. I definitely had to change my eating habits for life. I had to throw the frying pan out. I had to curtail the sweets, and know when I felt full to move away from the food. I discovered that I was an emotional eater. That meant when I got upset, I had to find something else to take the place of food for comfort. My portions, especially when I liked the food, had to be within set guidelines.

I kept my weight off for thirteen years. It found me again, because I was not paying attention to business. I am now trying to get twenty pounds off, but not the original fifty two pounds that I lost. I am back to my plan and know that when you lose the train of thought, you gain some weight back. Losing weight for me is a life long task, and I know that following a chosen plan and getting support will make for a healthier me. I like the me that I was, and I am trying to get there again. Wish me luck.

Apart from the hard work and dedication, I give much of the credit to leptoconnect, an excellent fat burner that helps you in getting rid of that extra flab surrounding the stomach that worked wonders for me that I had never expected of it and that is when I started recommending it to everyone grappling with weight issues.


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