Employees And Their Backbone Role In Success Of A Business

In the retail world our single greatest advocate can also be our single greatest enemy. Who is this person that holds such power upon our business? The world calls them employees; I argue that they are either success partners or enemies. Why,

One employee can single handedly grow or destroy your business. Without them we cannot be successful and because of them we could be ruined. In this article, a discussion about the workers importance is there.  The role of a employee in the business is good and significant.

Opposing Forces

Every employer/employee relationship starts out with each individual holding their own assumptions about the relationship. These assumptions start out as opposing forces and without intervention the forces will cancel each other out and nobody will benefit from the relationship. The overall objective is to create a situation where both parties benefit.

Employer’s primary assumptions:

  1. The employee is there to serve my needs
  2. The employees only job is to accomplish my goals
  3. As the employer my way of doing things is the only way
  4. I pay  your salary so cheer up, after all you have a job
  5. My idea of a good employee is a hard worker

Employee’s primary assumption:

  1. I have this job to serve my needs
  2. My only job is to get through the shift in one piece and get on with my life
  3. As the employee I am actively doing the tasks assigned to me, and thus understand the best way to do them
  4. This job just pays the bills
  5. My idea of a good job is a fun place to work

The danger here is to immediately say “yes good point today’s work force does not understand what an employer needs from an employee”. This is exactly were the problems start. The employee does not understand the employer and the employer does not understand the employee. The truth is both parties are absolutely correct in their assumptions and both parties are completely wrong. The problem does not actually exist in the assumptions themselves, but rather in then assumptions about the assumptions (stay with me here). The problem is that both parties assume that the others assumptions are incorrect.

The definition of the word symbiotic is “the living together in close association of two dissimilar organisms especially when mutually beneficial”. This word “symbiotic” is the key to unlocking the success partner mentality in any employee and locking up the enemy mentality. Both parties have needs; both parties can only meet those needs with the cooperation of the other, and both parties are distinctly dissimilar. Now instead of seeing the assumptions of employers and employees as different lets look at what they look like together.

Employer/employee symbiotic relationship assumptions:

  1. The employee has the job to serve Their needs, thus they will serve the employers needs in order to insure that they keeps the job.
  2. The employee will accomplish the goals of the employer in order to get through the shift in one piece so that they can get on with their life.
  3. As the employer my way of doing things is the only way, however, may way is based on the experience and expertise of whom I hired to accomplish the task in question.
  4. The employer pays the employees salary so that the employee can pay the bills.
  5. Employers can learn to increase productivity by degreasing stress, which in effect will create a happier place to work.