Dos and Don’ts Of Marriage Proposals

You are nervous about how to propose to your beloved partner the ‘Right Way’. Engagement is a big milestone. You are planning to embark on a chapter together for your whole life. Before getting on your knee, get to know the dos and don’ts of proposing.

Before you progress further on the marriage proposal idea, you need to be sure that she is prepared. Both need to be on the same page regarding major responsibilities like children. So, test the waters!


  • Even if marriage is discussed, you can plan a proposal surprise. Go on a Black Swan Gondola cruise ride and give her a surprise engagement ring. You can choose a romantic gondola ride package including red roses, spread petals, cool wine, and a great moon-lit night on the water.
  • Practice the big question to ensure you sound smooth and confident.
  • Make sure to look for the ideal engagement ring. Ask her loved ones to help choose the ring.
  • The ring is a huge investment, so make sure she does not wish to be a part of shopping. However, she will not be surprised as she will be expecting the same ring. However, you can include other surprise elements about when, where, and how to propose.
  • Times are changing but women love the traditional way of going on the knee to propose.
  • Tell her why you desire to marry her while proposing.


  • Never hide the proposal ring in cakes and drinks. It is unsafe!
  • Never propose at a sports game because the place is chaotic and loud. It does not give the feel of romance, which such a momentous event deserves.
  • Never make overcomplicate it.
  • Never expect a ‘Yes’ instantly.
  • Never propose in the early phase of your relationship.


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