Bitcoin- Things You Need to Know for Betterment

The world has come a long way and the current times are such that people are in a hurry to get things done at quick pace with no room for delay. People are so restless and impatient that they don’t have time to let things unfold at a steady pace but want to do it.

This is the type that takes to anything that comes their way and bitcoin is a leading example of how desire and greed takes the mind captive and influences you to take rash and hasty decisions.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a group called Satoshi Nakamoto with the hopes that it would become a success and it sure did become a monstrous hit worldwide as people took to it immediately.


Its enormous success notwithstanding, there are numerous theories floating that bitcoin is a ponzi scheme designed nothing more than to siphon money off gullible users.

An interesting article that is a must read for people investing in bitcoin titled ‘Review Is Bitcoin Loophole Software SCAM or NOT’? It has expressed its doubts regarding its credibility by sharing the opinions about disgruntled users of bitcoin.

Nevertheless, it continues to be popular among the larger population and so it is important to discuss its advantages for people who have started to invest in it.


  1. Transactions are made easier as it is a peer to peer process through which you can send and receive payment with different national and international users
  2. The security measures surrounding bitcoin are quite tight and no one except the user can make the payment
  3. Bitcoin wallet is the place where you store your payment and you don’t need to pay extra amount for sending money abroad
  4. Mobile payment has become easier as it just requires a scan and the amount is credited. There is no card or PIN number to remember or change from time to time


Bitcoin Should I Invest In It

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