Best Advice to Remember when Heading to a Career Fair

In today’s difficult economy, the pool of people searching for employment opportunities at career fairs continues to grow. Now that various industries have รับทำ mou, you can also find some overseas opportunities in these events. Consequently, employers are becoming increasingly selective in who they hire. Here are some tips to help you get noticed at career fairs and land that job. 

1) Determine which companies will be attending the career fair and keep a short list of those you definitely want to get in front of. Your time at the fair may be limited so it is important you visit those employers on your short list first. If there is time remaining, you can visit the others. 

2) Research the companies on your list and formulate interesting questions to ask at the fair. Be careful though, there is a fine line between demonstrating a high level knowledge of the organization and coming across as a show-off. If you cross that line, the recruiter may tune you out. You will also want to visit the company websites and determine what positions they are currently looking to fill. Which ones match up with your skills and abilities? Tweak your resume to match the different jobs that interest you. 

3) Make sure you bring enough copies of your resume. I’ve attended too many fairs where job seekers have run out. 

4) Dress appropriately. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. This is a job interview after all. Suits are your best bet. Try going with darker colors such as navy, black or gray. Keep it low key when it comes to jewelry and perfume/cologne. 

5) Don’t be shy. Be decisive when approaching a booth. I’ve seen too many job seekers walking aimlessly and hoping for an invitation. The invitation is not going to come. Make eye contact and approach the recruiter. However, remain courteous to others who may have already been waiting for their opportunity. The last thing you want to do is cut in front of someone else. 

6) When it’s your turn, introduce yourself, shake hands and give your best elevator speech. If you did your research, you should know which one of their open positions you are looking to fill. You should also know how your schooling and past work experiences make you the best fit for their opening. Sell yourself! 

7) Before ending the conversation, ask for a business card. This is critical. You must send a thank you note either via email or snail mail. I would prefer a handwritten note via snail mail. Do not dismiss this step. Very few people follow through with a heartfelt, “Thank you.” Doing so will get you noticed. I’ve been on the receiving end of thank you notes. On more than one occasion the individual sending the note was running a close second to someone else and was eventually extended the offer. Don’t wait. Make sure the note goes out that day. 

It’s a tough time to be looking for work. By following the suggestions provided above you will significantly increase your chances of getting noticed at the next career fair and hopefully securing that job. 


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