Basic Formats Personal Essay Writing – Learn about the formats

One of the foremost aspects that you should consider when you are writing your personal essay is the personal essay format, most especially if you are writing as a fulfillment of a course requirement. There isn’t really a single standard personal essay format out there (except if your professor has made his or her own format that he or she would require the students to follow), but if you’re the type of writer who can’t proceed without a set structure in mind, then some of these personal essay format guide and suggestions might help you decide how to go about with your essay.

First of all, consider the length of your sentences. If you want your readers to go through your entire work, then you can opt to be more concise and write straight to the point. However, that also means leaving out the more colorful details to the readers’ own capacity for interpretation. To compensate for that, use more vivid words; one that could evoke the imagery that you have in mind. Avoid vague descriptions, as that will only bore, or even confuse, your readers. On the other hand, if you are very much willing to relate the more intimate details of your life and you think that would help build the essence of your piece, then you can make use of lengthier sentences. However, consider the possibilities that would entail the latter, most especially if it is done very poorly: you’ll run the risk of losing your readers’ interest and attention, or worse, they might not understand you at all. But if you consider yourself a fairly good writer and verbosity has always worked to your advantage, then this personal essay format might just be a good option. Just make sure your sentences don’t come across as monotonous and boring.

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Another personal essay format consideration is the length of the whole piece itself. Most writers think five paragraphs with five sentences each would already suffice, but if you think that length just doesn’t work for you, then try to modify that format a little. Just be sure that your final output will be able to justify the changes in your personal essay format that you decided to go with. If the details you want to add in your essay do not really add to its substance, then it might be better not just to go through with it. Sometimes, less really means more.

In a five-paragraph personal essay format, the first paragraph often serves as the introduction. This is where you begin with what you want to talk about and where you attempt to grab the readers’ attention.


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