Dos and Don’ts Of Marriage Proposals

You are nervous about how to propose to your beloved partner the ‘Right Way’. Engagement is a big milestone. You are planning to embark on a chapter together for your whole life. Before getting on your knee, get to know the dos and don’ts of proposing. Before you progress further on the marriage proposal idea, you […]

Mouth Sores? See Your Dentist

“Every time I have a test, every time I prepare for a date, even when I was preparing for my driver’s test, I break out. Is there anything I can do to make it stop?” It is surprising how often this question comes up in dental offices. That’s OK. Your dentist is the right person […]

When Family Asks for Money: A Guide

During tough economic times, individuals turn to members of their own family for financial assistance. In some cases, this is wise for the borrower but, not for the lender. A borrower usually thinks that they have a better chance of getting the loan at a lower interest rate, or no rate at all. Whenever I […]