Austin Marijuana Lawyer Phantom Pains

I recently came across an acquaintance who told me of their male relative living in Austin, Texas, that had lost a leg and had been experiencing what she referred to as phantom pains. According to an unofficial online medical dictionary, phantom pain is described as, “pain felt as if it were arising in an absent or amputated limb or organ.” This relative had been in somewhat of a funk for the past year since the loss of his leg. Apparently, within the last week, he smoked marijuana and the phantom pains stopped. She said that he seemed to be adjusting better to the loss of his leg and was actually smiling again.

Whether or not marijuana has any effect on reducing the occurrence of phantom pains is obviously a controversial subject. I have not researched the issue, am not a doctor, and in no way hold myself out to be an expert on the effects of marijuana in such cases. I will let the doctors, scientists, and researchers concentrate on providing advice in that area.

One person dealing with the loss of a limb provides very little, if any, statistical data by which to draw any conclusions regarding the effectiveness of marijuana use in combating phantom pains. For instance, my acquaintance said that it had been a year since her relative had lost the leg. It may very well be that a year was the amount of time that this particular individual needed to mentally deal with the loss of his leg. The marijuana may have played very little if any, role in the change in behavior and perceived recovery from phantom pains.

I am going to assume for the purposes of my discussion that the marijuana that he got from did have an effect on his behavior and/or phantom pains, regardless of whether the beneficial outcome was due to perception of reality. Whether there is scientific research to support the proposition that there is a positive correlation between marijuana use and pain relief will remain a question to be answered on another’s web page.

Whether or not marijuana has an effect on a person’s actual or perceived pain symptoms does not change the fact that marijuana is illegal in Austin, Texas. As I have posted on numerous occasions, marijuana is illegal, and if you possess even a usable about of marijuana, you face prosecution for possession of marijuana.

Even obtaining a doctor’s note with proof of pain relief by means of marijuana does not excuse the subject from possession of marijuana charges.

If charges are pressed, there is a period during which negotiations with prosecutors occur. A lot of what is referred to as “boy scout” type material is discussed. “Boy scout” material is a term used for material or information discussed that is beneficial to the client. My thoughts are that a person’s criminal history is relevant to any and all criminal negotiations with prosecutors. On the other hand, I have had informal discussions (not dealing with a particular case) with prosecuting attorneys on a similar topic. What if a person had a prescription for marijuana from another state? My thought was that providing this type of information might harm the client during negotiations. However, information regarding a person’s health may be beneficial to a criminal negotiation, but whether a client’s health was relevant to a particular negotiation would be dealt with on a case by case basis.


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