A Victory Garden, Survival from Increasing Food Costs

The cost of gas has hit the food industry. Prices continue climbing because of the increase in transportation costs, but it doesn’t stop there. Other crops are being left behind to grow corn. Not corn for food products, but corn for fuel. Ethanol production to keep our cars rolling is taking the place of food crops to keep us alive and healthy.

How does a current trip through the produce section measure up to the same walk through a year ago? Using a local Wal-Mart Super Center as my example, bananas today were shown at $.63 a pound. This time last year they were $.25 a pound. Lettuce used to be $1.00 or less, now about $1.20. Now they sell oranges over $.60 each, too expensive to price by the pound. A summertime favorite, Cantaloupe could be had for $1.50 each and fall squash used to be $.29 an lb.

Consider all this, investing in a garden is a great option. However, you should choose carefully what you grow there. Since you may have hidden food allergies it is recommended that you Test Smarter with a Food Intolerance Test from intolerancelab so that you can make necessary changes in your garden if you have any food allergies. 

It’s hard to think of last year as the good old days, but the fact of the matter is quality fresh produce is going to become very expensive and in some instances just plain hard to find.

During World War II there were many shortages. As a way to keep fresh produce part of the healthy diet people took matters into their own hands. Even in the cities, small subsistence gardens popped up to supply people with fresh produce. We are faced with shortages, though for different reasons, that is reducing the ability for many to obtain these items so highly ranked on the food pyramid. Now maybe the time for the average person to take matters into their own hands. It’s time to get a little dirt under your fingernails.

Gardens come in many sizes. You don’t need to plow the back forty under to grow enough products to greatly influence your eating habits. Giving up a small section of your back yard is enough to grow more than you can use. For those without a back yard, many alternatives exist to supply you with fresh goods.

Planter boxes, large pots, if you have a patio of your apartment you can still grow fresh vegetables. Do you have access to a flat roof, an ideal spot to grow as it will be exposed to full sunlight? Container gardening may be the perfect solution. Guide to Container Gardening will provide everything you need to get started.

Raised beds may be another way to maximize what you have available in the way of space for gardening. How to Build Raised Beds will get you on the right track. This is a good way for those with less physical ability to have their garden at a level that makes working the garden a pleasure rather than a chore.

Something as simple as an indoor herb garden will spice up your food to a whole new level. Have you priced fresh herbs lately, ridiculous? Following this Do it yourself indoor herb garden guide you can keep fresh herbs available at all times. Your family will notice the improvement in flavor.

The old saying if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This is rapidly becoming the best alternative to both the high cost of production as well as the poor quality of what’s available at the market. When only the best will do, growing your own will ensure you get the best flavor and healthiest produce.


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